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A Health Detective

A Health Detective

“What do you do Brent?”

That is what you’d ask me if you and I met on the street.

“I’m a health detective,” I’d say.

“A health detective?”

Yes, the description of the business I’m in doesn’t get much simpler than that.

What exactly is a health detective?

Well, it’s someone who identifies and removes barriers that prevent healing. So a healer must be able to do two things: find what and where the barrier is and then know what to do to remove it.

“What kind of barriers?” you ask.

They are both physical and non-physical, things like congestion, toxins, and pathogens, as well as cellular dysfunction, trauma fields, and negative emotions. These barriers prevent both emotional and physical healing.

How do I find these barriers?

I ask, and listen. Being a health whisperer is my secret weapon as a health detective. I have learned how to listen well with a highly accurate form of muscle testing called Truth Testing.

How do I remove these barriers?

I provide two services that do this, one is focused massage, the other is body balancing and diagnostics. You can explore these further on the navbar above.

Do you have discomfort or dysfunction? How would your life be better if it could be removed?

Healing can bring you a world of possibilites.

I will skillfully and systematically search out, identify, and remove your barriers to healing.

Come and see what a health detective does.