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What Everybody Should Know About Brent

By admin On January 24, 2012 Under About Me

A Lifelong Passion

I have always been destined to find a systems like Quantum TechniquesThe Body Code, and The Emotion Code.  Since I was an adolescent I have been interested in science. When others were reading novels, I was reading how to and why for books. As I grew, this became an insatiable passion.

The possibilities and unlimited potential of science held me in rapt attention. All my life I have been fascinated with parascience: free energy machines, levitation devices, novel agricultural growing devices, high mileage inventions, healing devices, and the list goes on. I have files full of plans on how to build them.

A Critical Discovery

Belief in these incredible technologies came from something that happened when I was very young. I can remember when the thought first occurred to me:  that even though the world was full of smart people, not everything had been discovered.  (Indeed, much had been lost.) Not only is knowledge infinite but lust for power, money and greed haves held much progress hostage. Progress often simply means to return to the simple truth.

Where These Discoveries Makes The Most Difference

Over my early years there was a shift in my interest because, as I studied the likes of Multi-wave oscillators, Rife frequency generators, and Neurophones, I began to realize that the area where I and these technologies could make the most difference in our hurting world was the area of healing.

So, though I was still fascinated with gravity and alternate power sources, I focused more and more on disease and its cure. My journey through the years has lead me to startling discoveries and today, decades later, there is still so much more to learn.

Destined To Heal

I have implemented these discoveries on my family and my clients. Combining this lifetime of practical healing knowledge with bioenergetics is a powerful thing!  In addition I believe, like Dr. Bradley Nelson, that it takes a good deal of insight and wisdom from a higher Source to be the most effective. Gratitude and compassion are huge.

God puts talents and passions in our hearts for a reason. My lifelong passion for curing disease is not accidental. I have been led along this path by a Power higher than I. The Body Code and Quantum Techniques systems are the simplistic diagnostic tools I have been searching for all my life, the instruments I have been longing for from my youth. I was destined to find them and now I have.

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