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A Channel of Healing Water

By admin On February 19, 2012 Under BioEnergetic Testing

Water is the most prevailant substance on our planet.  Though it seems common to us, it influences us perhaps more than any other substance on earth and more than we will ever know.

There’s Nothing Else Like Water

Since we are composed of water, its properties hold many of the answers to our questions of how we communicate with each other and how we affect each other.  Water shows just a little of how our power of emotion, thought, and intention reach out and impact other’s lives.

Water Has A Mind

Water has memory.  Though it is such a small, simple molecule, the structures it forms when clustered together are complex and form as kind of magnetic tape that remembers everything, both physical and energetic, that it has come into contact with.  Water changes for good or bad depending on its experience.  It is the most maliable and complex computer every discovered.

The universe is connected by huge streams of information.  In our world, water plays the key role in how that information is exchanged.  In effect, it is the medium through which all nature is governed.

Water Responds To Human Emotion More Than Anything Else

Many studies have shown that human emotions have the most powerful effect on water.  Positive emotions increase the energy of water and stablize it, while negative emotions reduce its energy and make radically harmful changes in it.  Consider this in light of the fact that we are mostly water.

Emoto Masaru has demonstrated how emotions affect water with his profound experiments on the substance.  He plays music to it, speaks kindly and harshly to it, and even tapes sentiments written on paper to it.  Then he cryogenically freezes the water and crystal structures that emerge from its depths are stunning.  He photographs beautiful crystals that develop from the music of Mozart and saying “thank you” and “I love you” (pictured below).  But he only gets ugly smudges from heavy metal music and saying “you disgust me” (pictured above) and “I hate you”.

We Communicate Through Water

From the studies that have been done, it follows surely that water plays an important part in how we communicate with each other, both when together and apart, for we are vessels of water.  If all is energy, then water is an important part of the utility of that energy and enables capabilities that most have thought impossible.

A Channel of Water

Whether it is a thought, a prayer, or a smile, our intention interacts with water to impact our world in powerful ways that change the course of lives for better or for worse.  When my muscles lock in a healing connection with someone far away, I often wonder just how much water has to do with this union, and I am grateful once more to be a channel of healing water to someone in need.


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