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Accuracy in Muscle Testing

By admin On March 19, 2012 Under BioEnergetic Testing

There is much talk across the internet about how most muscle testing that is done out there is yielding inaccurate results.  In the process of listening to my mentors, reading over the web, and testing my results, I have come up with some practices that I feel guarantee muscle testing accuracy.

First Things First

When it comes to accuracy in muscle testing, practitioners should incorporate these five things first before he considers anything else.

The Greatest Way To Assure Accuracy in Muscle Testing

For greatest accuracy in muscle testing, we need to be clear channels with no bias.  We must use our mind in a proactive way to keep it from interfering with the truth.  Accurate muscle testing is about mental discipline, using the power of the mind in a beneficial way.  Here are some helpful hints:

Embrace Positive Expectation and Intention

It is important that we go into muscle testing with the intention that it is going to be a perfect muscle testing experience, knowing and envisioning that our muscle testing is going to be just right, superb, perfect…right on.   In other words, we need an expectation of accuracy.

This can be encouraged by bringing the frequency of our thought up with prayer and gratefulness.  We can pray for wisdom and guidance each time we use muscle testing to help another.  We can be grateful that God is using us as channels of healing and thank Him for the effectiveness of our efforts in helping others. Meditating on elevated thoughts of gratitude and love raises our frequency of energy and does more to create accuracy in muscle testing than anything else.

When asked for the single most important tip he could give on how to obtain the best results with the Body Code Healing System, Dr. Nelson said, “Prayer. Love the person that you’re working on, and have a heart full of gratitude that what you’re doing is working, and I guarantee you, you will see miracles happen!”

Control Emotionally Charged Thoughts and Limit the Scope of Overall Brain Activity by Doing the Following:

  • Before you muscle test, ask if there is any emotion on The Emotion Code chart that you are feeling at the moment.  Clear them if there are.
  • Set yourself aside, your cares and problems, and focus compassion and care totally on the person you are seeking to help.
  • Our beliefs and convictions can have profound impacts on results from muscle testing and one of the most difficult things to do when muscle testing is to remain neutral.  It might help to say “I set aside my opinion on what is causing this client’s symptoms.”  Or I may state, “These are ________’s test results.  I am neutral.”  3 rolls down the governing meridian as you make these statements will set them and make them effective for a whole session.  Use your own creativity to frame your own statements of neutrality.
  • Grounding makes a huge difference in effective testing. Do a mental exercise where you grow roots from your feet deep into the earth (at least a half a mile) and allow them to spread out like the roots of a tree. Then allow the energy of the earth up to well up into you (don’t pull it) and out through the top of your head.
  • Maintain a strong intention to keep your thoughts in the present.  Happiness is living in the present moment.  Most of the time thoughts centered in the present are simpler and less emotionally charged.  Thoughts from the past and of the future can take us quickly from that calm into a state of turmoil.  The solution is to look out for thoughts that are spinning into the problems of the future or falling back into the frustrations of the past.  Come back to the present.  The present is where productivity, creativity and accomplishment happen.  It is the place we will be most productive with muscle testing.
  • Staying in the present can be practically accomplished by rolling 3 times UP the governing meridian with a magnet while saying, “I’m removing my thoughts from the past and the future and focusing them in the present.”

Practical Things We Can Do to Ensure Accurate Muscle Testing

  • Drink 12 oz of water beforehand.
  • Keep testing area clear of distractions so client can be totally focused on.
  • Muscle testing may be inaccurate when we are are extremely toxic, tired, stressed or sick.  Emotional stress can be calmed by a couple of minutes of rest.  Closing the eyes, deep breathing, and music can help in this de-stressing process.
  • The thymus is the energy regulator of the body.  More than one source mentions that it helps to stimulate it by thumping it 10 times with your fingers clustered together.  The thymus is behind the sternum bone, about halfway down.
  • Rotate the shoulders, reach for the sky with your arms and enjoy a good stretch.  Finish by rotating the shoulders again.
  • Try to keep alcohol or drugs out of the system for 6 hours prior to muscle testing.

Remember, Accurate Muscle Testing is Your Birthright

Dr. Bradley Nelson believes that it is in our nature to be healers.  It is our birthright.  I believe we were created to love and strengthen each other.  That means that muscle testing and The Body Code are gifts from our Creator to accomplish this.

Believe in yourself. I love what Claudia Schecter says about healing and believing. “Remember that the healing comes through you and not from you. Trust that healing occurs, even though shifts are not always immediately visible. Be detached from your outcome when testing.”

Relax and don’t doubt that you are effective. This is bigger than you.

A Natural System For Healing Bodies

From my perspective, the answers the body muscles will know the most about are related to body function.  This is because muscle testing is a conversation with the subconscious body.  When it comes to accuracy, this is where muscle testing will excel.  When you do your best with the above precautions, you can trust the accuracy of each answer you receive.

A Higher Frequency

Occasionally I will find myself getting inconsistent answers. What corrects the experience is not the realization that I got a wrong answer (and so now the with continued testing I will get the right one). What corrects it is changing my state of frequency. I think the reason we get wrong answers is because (for whatever reason) we have fallen into a state of low frequency. So, when I have this problem, I will make one of the following statements:

“I am a child of God’s love and light; darkness leave me now.” (A statement used by Dr. Loyd Alexander)

“All I want is the truth.” (A statement shared with me by Emotion Code Practitioner, Connie Sloan)

When I make these statements, I can feel a wave of what I can only describe as high frequency. It is the same feeling I get when I have had an encounter with God or when I have reached out to help someone (a phenomena called the “Helper’s High”: a rush of euphoria followed by an extended period of calm and well-being). This wave of frequency is enough to put me back on track and make my testing consistent and true.

It is interesting that reaching out to help someone else is so beneficial to our health. It may be one of the most important steps toward healing ourselves. It promotes a strengthened immune system, generates positive emotions (improving attitudes that damage the body), decreases pain by releasing endorphins, and reduces stress. This is all well documented.

Having Said All This, It Really Is Quite Simple!

I must repeat Dr. Bradley Nelson, “Love the person that you’re working on, and have a heart full of gratitude that what you’re doing is working, and I guarantee you, you will see miracles happen!”

If nothing seems to help you, and you are still are having problems with accuracy in your muscle testing, give The Truth Technique a try. It was developed in 1997 by Alexander Loyd and is a unique system that is more helpful at resolving accuracy problems than any other I’ve seen. It is easy to learn and effective because it not only approaches muscle testing a bit differently, but it also has a systemic routine that amazingly corrects emotional bias and uncertainty that can influence and skew standard muscle testing. Contact me for more information.

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