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Bioenergetic Ethics

By admin On February 12, 2012 Under BioEnergetic Testing

It seems strange to me that, though we are all swimming in a world of relationships, we have to be reminded about how we should and shouldn’t act within them. So many are clueless about where boundaries should be within their relationships.

A Gift Not To Be Abused

In our relationships as healers, we must remember to treat those we are attempting to benefit with respect. Those who are called to employ the sacred power of healing for others must not abuse this power. It is a divine gift and, if abused, it can be forfeited more easily than it was gained.

A Lesson From Narnia

With any form of distance healing, the first thing that must be remembered is what CS Lewis was trying to say in The Chronicals of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Lucy enters a mansion on the Island of the Dufflepuds, where she finds a magical book of spells in an effort to try to return the Dufflepuds to visibility. In the process of reading the book, she eavesdrops on her friends. When Alsan appears and reprimands her for spying on her friends, she realizes that she cannot reverse the harm that has been done for “nobody gets to know what would have happened”.

Even if we have the power, there are many things in this world that are better not to know. Applied kineseology, such as we practice with The Body Code, is designed for the purpose of healing. Using it, whether in person, by surrogate, or at a distance, to learn things that we don’t need to know in order to help and heal is an abuse of power and privacy. All those, like Lucy, who engage in this type of behavior will end up regretting it.

An Unethical and Evil Temptation

Just as important, is obtaining permission from those we are testing. Healing without permission is unethical because it is also an invasion of privacy, straying into the realm of sorcery. All of us have the responsibility and right to decide what to do for ourselves in matters of body and soul. The person may clearly need help and we may be sure that they would give us permission, but unless we ask and get that permission, we must not work on them.

Working Together Increases Healing Energy

There are other reasons it is important to get permission also. When permission is given by the recipient of the healing, it opens them up to accept the healing energy, increasing their ability to receive its power. Healing is not one way. It is reciprical and depends on the attention and work of both the healer and the one seeking healing. The participation of both parties increases healing energy.

Being aware of healing effort also tunes the beneficiary into things happening in their body during and after the session. When there is a change in health, it can then be attributed rightly to the healing value of powerful bioenergetic systems. This allows this healing to be acknowledged so it can be spread more widely abroad, increasing its benefit to humanity.

Do Unto Others

The bottom line is not to do to others what we don’t want them to do to us. How do we feel? Are we interest in just anyone treating us or our children without our permission or knowledge? Most of us would say no and so we know how most others would also respond.

A Rich Reward

Healing is a gift and we who are its channels must never abuse its power. Not only will this keep negative energy away from us but it will increase our healing energy and lengthen our careers. The reward for this reverent respect for others is the joy of seeing the many lives of those who choose to work with us transformed.


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  1. justin
    December 22, 2012
    4:22 pm #comment-1

    Dear Brent ,
    I have looked into the emotional code and body code but i am still a bit baffled on how swiping a magnet down a certain meridian can release us from all sorts of emotions and ailments ? would love someone to offer a plausible explanation .

    • admin
      January 4, 2013
      7:37 pm #comment-2

      Hi Justin,

      The magnet on the governing meridian isn’t what releases the trapped emotions. It is the intention to release it that does the trick. Intention is powerful. Take a look at Stanford University’s Bill Tiller’s work. It is pretty impressive. You can look at a video by him on my videos page.

      All the magnet does is magnify the intention. The reason why it is on the governing meridian is because that meridian, along with the central meridian, is involved in the function of every other meridian.

      Hope this helps,

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