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Body Code Balancing Observations

By admin On September 14, 2012 Under BioEnergetic Testing

Over the time that I have used The Body Code I have noticed that some symptoms often have similar causes. Although the same symptoms can be the result of a different combination of causes, I still feel there is value in identifying what experience shows are common imbalances that cause dysfunction in the body.

The things I talk about below are not intended to treat symptoms, but simply to join the discussion on common imbalances that can cause disease.  These are things I have discovered that come up repeatedly and, when addressed, can help bring the body back into homeostasis. Though these things are common in my experience, no one can know for sure what imbalance is causing a symptom without a diagnostic tool. Regardless, here are a few common causes of and remedies for dysfunction that I have found and experienced with The Body Code in attempting to bring bodies back into balance.

  • Turmeric for stiff and painful joints: In myself and a couple of my clients I have found that turmeric can ease stress in joints.
  • Coconut oil seems to repair nerve, muscle, connective tissue damage: I found this in myself. For months I had been working on repairing damage that kept my nerves and muscles in my torso and arms from holding a structural alignment. I had successfully aligned some areas, but my neck and arms were slow and resistant to healing. After two weeks of taking coconut oil my neck and arms responded and began holding a structural alignment. When I ask, my body tells me that coconut oil was responsible for my accelerated healing.  This is interesting in light of the fact that preliminary research is showing that coconut oil is beneficial for Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferers.
  • Magnesium and zinc deficiencies are very common: These deficiencies come up repeatedly on my clients. This article will show you how to best deal with magnesium deficiencies.
  • Heavy metals a common cause of brain fog (as well as other brain issues) and high blood pressure: this problem is more of an issue with my older clients. My own brain and high blood pressure symptoms disappeared after removing heavy metals. There are simple inexpensive ways of removing heavy metals.
  • Viruses may be vulnerable to being driven out when the reason they got a foothold in the body in the first place is removed: this is the experience I have had with my own herpes simplex 1 virus. I am currently working with a client to see if this process of balancing the body will also be effective with the HIV virus.
  • Since mold is hard to detect, it often flies under the radar and can be the reason that annoying chronic symptoms won’t leave.  The body has a hard time ridding itself of mold by itself. It needs help to exterminate it from the system and bring the infested part of the body back into balance and function. Neem is very effective at doing this. Because some of my clients have reacted strongly to neem, I have also used a Young Living essential oil blend called Thieves with success (lemon essential oil is also effective for some).
  • Neem is very efficient at killing fungus and mold, but caution must taken because some have a reaction either to the herb itself or to the pathogen die-off it causes. Start out slowly or use an essential oil alternative (above).
  • Zeolite or chlorine dioxide are great for destroying heavy metals in the body in order to bring it back into homeostasis, but they must also be approached cautiously. Begin with a very small dose just to make sure it isn’t going to make you really sick.
  • Targeted herbal formulas are one of the best ways to rebuild organs and glands that have been trashed by toxicity and deficiency. With The Body Code these can be personally designed especially for the client’s needs.
  • Dehydration, even in a world where everyone carries around water, still causes problems. This is because a person may be getting a lot of water, but if it is even 1/2 cup under what their body needs, they will continually slip into dehydration. Water intake needs to be OVER the minimum body need.
  • Ph imbalance, which can be remedied with apple cider vinegar capsules or baking soda, often aggravates skin problems.
  • Often the permanent solution for digestive problems is to bring the organs and glands back to function so that they can again be able to manufacture the enzymes and nutrients that will help the body metabolize food and achieve equilibrium. Taking supplements like hydrochloric acid and vanadyl sulfate are only temporary solutions.
  • Stopping the consumption of inflammatory foods can cause weight loss.  This is definitely something to try when you have tried everything else.
  • Using The Body Code to deal with negative energies in the body can bring an end to addictions.  I have had seen this work strikingly in myself and my clients
  • Using The Body Code to deal with negative energies in the body can heighten one’s mood.
  • Using The Body Code to deal with negative energies in the body can reduce pain.  This is one of the most powerful ways that The Body Code is effective in balancing the body.

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