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Discover The True Causes of Your Weight Probem

By admin On February 16, 2012 Under BioEnergetic Testing

Would You Like To Know The Secret?

Would you like to be able to ask your body why it can’t keep the weight off? Can you imagine how profitable it would be to chat with the part of your body that knows what is wrong? Now you can. With only a few questions, you can find the physical and emotional causes of your weight problem.

Your Body Knows

There are five core reasons why you can’t lose that stubborn fat, and your body knows which ones are tormenting you. What is the biggest reason for your trouble losing weight?

  • Is it a Heart Wall? There can be a powerful link between a sad heart and your unhealthy weight levels. Food can temporarily make up for a lack of joy.
  • Is toxicity in your food and water making you gain weight?
  • Is your diet the culprit? Do you need to make some changes in the way you eat?
  • Or perhaps consumption of foods that are inflammatory to you are sabotaging your weight loss efforts.
  • Finally, it may be emotional sabotage that is making it so hard for you to lose those pounds. Negative energies and negativity from others can throw up a tough road block between you and a thin body. Your body can even use weight as armor to protect you from these emotional attacks.

The Solution is at the Source

With The Body Code, you can find the cause of your trouble losing weight. Your body knows what is wrong. Go straight to the source and discover the way to a thinner body, one that is healthy and fit.


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