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Energy Reversals

By admin On February 11, 2012 Under BioEnergetic Testing

Although not always the case, I believe one of the biggest things preventing people from learning to self muscle test effectively is an energy reversal in their bodies. This has often been the problem with those I am trying to teach to muscle test themselves. This means that their energy is flowing backwards; that the meridian energy is flowing in a counterclockwise direction. This condition of energy reversal results in an inability to self muscle test or at least an inability to test accurately with consistency.

The Heart of the Problem

It also is an indicator that there are serious health issues under the hood. Medical studies have shown repeatedly that using magnets to correct this reversal promotes healing.

The heart of the cause of this reversal is emotional and environmental toxicity and deficiency. These weaken the organ, gland, and muscle systems so that their energy (meridian/chakra) is interupted and their communication is cut of from the brain. Of course this plays out in different ways for all of us.

The Heart of the Solution

The ultimate solution is to remove the toxins and strengthen the weakened system. However, until that can happen, we need a way to assure that our muscle testing on ourselves will be accurate or even possible.

My Frustration and Discovery

I became aware of this problem when I suddenly became unable to get any of my muscles to lock. I had to suspend working on my clients for a couple months. The only muscles I could get to lock were my jaw muscles, which would wear out rapidly. Thankfully I came across Stephen and Beth Daniel’s website, Quantum Techniques. Here they talk about energy reversals and how to deal with them.

Using their technique, I quickly realized that I was able get my muscles to lock again! I was elated, as I was in a long, slow process of increasing the function of my endocrine system and it could be months before I was well. Now I could go back to work.

The Solution Involves Five Techniques

  • The first and most important procedure corrects the energy reversal. Putting all the fingers of one hand together tightly, place them against the stomach near the diaphragm, about two inches above the navel. Doing this guarantees testable muscles except in cases of extreme dehydration. This procedure is demonstrated here and here.
  • The second procedure involves learning one handed self testing techniques, or at least a method where the free hand can interact with the other hand while it is connecting with the stomach. For me, the easiest one handed technique (actually the easiest technique of any kind!) is described in the video below.
  • A couple of statement assure accuracy for both the practitioner and the client during testing: “I am 100% over any blocks to accurate testing,” and “I am 100% free of any spiritual deception in my testing.” These should both test strong. If weak, tap on the karate chop points on the side of the hands and under the nose to correct the first statement and make the following affirmation to correct the second (you can alter it according to your belief system): “In the name and power of God’s truth and love I command any deception affecting my testing to leave and never return.”
  • Check for dehydration by placing the fingers of one hand around your belly button and saying, “I want to be healthy.” If you get a weak response, drink some water!
  • Finally, it is possible that EMF interference can be skewing testing. Hold your palms 2-4 inches out from your ears and then say “I want to be healthy.” If this is weak, tap on your head above your ears for a few seconds and retest.

Another one handed technique is described on the Quantum Techiques website. Finally, the Linked Rings Method can also be modified to use while one hand is connected with the diaphragm, using the other hand to test by attempting to pull its joined fingers off of the hook of one of the fingers on the hand pointing into the stomach. This muscle testing technique is illustrated in the following video.

Don’t Let Energy Reversals Prevent You From Reaching Your Goals!

Energy reversals are real and must be addressed to allow accurate self testing. The simple techniques above can be a life savor for those who suffer from a reversal in their system. The ultimate solution is to resolve the energy reversal, but a stop gap can save a lot of frustration in the mean time.

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