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Field + Matter = Structure

By admin On November 10, 2012 Under BioEnergetic Testing

We have spent decades in the error of a totally biochemical model of how the body works. It doesn’t work like we’ve always thought. Here is a great example of the lack of understanding we have had:

Iron filings are always random on a piece of paper until a magnet is placed on the other side. Then they always form a predictable, consistent structure that conforms to the field of the magnet. Different iron filings can even be used, but the structure will still be the same. When the iron filings are sprinkle without a field, the result is randomness; when the filings are sprinkled within a field, the result is structure.

So, matter + field = structure.

Imagine the iron filings are cells, and we want to understand why the cells form a certain structure, but we don’t know the field exists. Can we take apart and study the iron filings and find the structure in the iron filings? No, there’s no structure in the iron filings. The structure comes from the field. But biology doesn’t recognize the field, so they study your body as iron filings and have no comprehension of why we have the structure we have. Nor will they ever understand because it doesn’t come from the filings. It comes from the field!

Albert Einstein said that “the field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Particles are matter, so the field is the sole governing agency of matter. Relevance?  If we don’t understand the field, we will never understand the structure of matter.

The scientific journal Nature published a paper by Pophristic and Goodman where they show how they could not predict the movement of a molecule using Newtonian physics. They had to look at the movement in regard to quantum physics before they were able to predict its movement.

A review by physical chemist Frank Weinhold, published along with this paper, said “The most pressing question raised by Pophristic and Goodman is: when will chemistry textbooks begin to serve as aids, rather than barriers, to this enriched quantum-mechanical perspective on how mechanical turnstiles work.”

Basically Frank Weinhold is asking, “What are the forces that control the twisting and folding of molecules into complex shapes? Don’t look for the answers in your organic chemistry textbook!”      Medicine is built on the principles of organic chemistry. Therefore if you really want to understand how life works, then you can’t follow the principles of medicine, because they are incorrect. You have to go back and look at it now with a new understanding based on quantum mechanics. So you take the Newtonian physics out of medicine and you get a new medicine: a medicine based on energy healing, not chemical healing.

If the organic chemistry book is wrong, medicine is wrong! I am seeing the proof of this every day as I practice healing with energy. It works whether one is a theist, a pantheist, or an atheist. Why? Because it is the way things actually work in our universe.

* The above information was taken from a lecture by Bruce Lipton. His lecture below expands on these concepts:


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