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Raise Your Emotional Function and Consciousness

By admin On September 15, 2012 Under BioEnergetic Testing

In many areas of our lives we are functioning very poorly.  We can only manage a level of shame and guilt when we could be functioning up on a level of joy and peace. Steven Keller has developed an effective way to allow a person to “do the work” and raise their emotional level of consciousness. I have used his system on myself with amazing effectiveness.

Steven’s system combines a map developed by Dr. David Hawkins with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code. Together they can help us find and correct the roots and imbalances that cause our emotional dysfunction.

On his website, Keller Healing Arts Center, Steven explains that the differences in level on Dr. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness are differences in how we perceive life. Function on a low level (on the bottom half of the chart) shows that we see our value as dependent on our performance. This view is rooted in how we see ourselves in relationship. To use Steven’s example, seeing ourselves as servants or slaves is vastly different than seeing ourselves as sons or daughters. The higher levels of consciousness reveal that we believe our value is based on our relationships, not on our performance. In truth, our performance is dependent on how we view our relationships.

To reach higher levels of consciousness, our perspective must change. Steven says that “as a son/daughter you know you are loved, you have position, influence, and authority. Life and circumstances can’t push you around and offend you.” Those who see themselves as sons or daughters feel their inherent worth, but there is no such feeling for those who see themselves as slaves. Consequently, they become trapped in a hell of limiting emotions.

Steve uses this map differently than Dr. Hawkins. With it, he measures emotional consciousness rather than spiritual consciousness. In this way he helps people connect to higher levels of emotional function.

How It Works

By finding our current position on the Map of Consciousness for any area in our life and identifying the level at which we are functioning in that area, we can then deal with the behaviors or perceptions that are blocking us from moving to higher levels of emotional performance. We do this by exploring with muscle testing the root of the problem that is limiting us in that particular area, bringing it up into our consciousness so that it can be dealt with and released.

By removing the root issues that are causing a particular limiting behavior or perception, we free ourselves from the slavery of the lies and negative energies that have held us back emotionally. Consequently, we can move on to another issue at a higher level and thus progress up the map of consciousness to higher levels of emotional function.

Step 1: Find Your Emotional Level of Consciousness

To find your level of consciousness, refer to Dr. Hawkin’s map and muscle test for “my level of emotional consciousness regarding _________ includes a 20, 30, 50….”  Keep on going up until you get a no. You can either test your general level of consciousness or a more specific level (by adding “regarding _________”, as done above). To find your general level of consciousness, test for “my general level of consciousness includes ________”.

Step 2: Find the Disconnected Individual Columns of Behavior or Perception

On the first level that your level of consciousness doesn’t include, you can test in each column (God View, Life View, Level, Emotion, and Process) to find the area or areas of consciousness from which you are disconnected. For example, on the 200 level you would test each column in turn by saying “I’m connected to permitting …feasible …courage …affirmation …empowerment”. The ones with which you do not connect are the ones on which you need to work.

Once you find these, you can deal with them one by one until you are connected to every column on that level (which then allows your level of consciousness to move up to the next level).

Here is a better description of each column on Dr. Hawkin’s Map.

God View: How I view God

Life View:  How I view Life in General

Level:  Level of Consciousness

Emotion:  Where my emotional energy is spent

Process:  What I’m working on…where my life is going.

Step 3: Determine the Type of Problem Blocking Each Facet of Consciousness

There are four things that can be blocking any of these behaviors or perceptions with which we are working: a Spiritual Root, a Trapped Emotion, a trapped emotion in a Heart Wall, and a trapped emotion in a Hidden Heart Wall. You must muscle test to find out which one is blocking you from being connected to that aspect. Test by asking “is this issue being blocked by a Spiritual Root…a Trapped Emotion…a Heart Wall…a Hidden Heart Wall?” When you find it, deal with it (see step 4), and then check again to see if you are connected to that facet of consciousness. You may find more than one issue blocking each with which you work.

Step 4: Explore Each Problem with Your Tools at Hand and Deal with Them

If the blockage is caused by anything but a spiritual root, find it and release it with The Emotion Code chart. Then check to see if you are connected to the facet of conscious in the column with which you are working. If you are not, go back to step 3 and find out what else is causing a problem.

If it is a spiritual root, Dr. Hawkin’s Map and The Emotion Code chart can be used together to find the issue that is blocking you.  I describe that process below. Again, there can be multiple blockages for each facet of consciousness that you deal with. However, eventually you will be able to connect with each and thus move on up the map.

How to Deal with Spiritual Roots

Spiritual roots are bad choices made in our past that went against God’s kingdom of righteousness, joy, and peace. These decisions have disastrous consequences on the outcome of our lives because they inform and influence all subsequent life decisions for evil. Only by going back and finding the root of the problem and correcting it can we resolve the resulting emotional problems it has caused.

If your muscle testing reveals a spiritual root, here is the way to explore it. We need to muscle test to find out at what age it happened. Then we need to test to find out what kind of a spiritual decision that we made in our past that has negatively impacted our life. Do this by muscle testing for “was this spiritual root about a vow I made…a judgment I made…an offense…an unforgiveness?” These four distinctions will help you be more specific so that you can find the problem. They are more specifically described below.

If you are still having problems understanding what the spiritual root was about, you can focus on it even closer by using The Emotion Code and the Map. Muscle test for “is there an emotion in The Emotion Code that more accurately describes my feelings surrounding this spiritual root?” or “can a behavior or perception on Dr. Hawkin’s map more accurately describe this spiritual root?” In this way you can often find more clues to help you understand what the issue is.

Once you find and understand how your thinking and emotions have been skewed by this spiritual root, you can then simply repent and throw your will on the side of changing your thinking. You can make a new empowering vow to replace it and even ask God for forgiveness and help with it if you are inclined.

After repenting your former indiscretion you can then check to see if you are connected to the facet of consciousness in the column with which you are working. If you are not, go back to step 3 and find out what else is causing a problem.

A Little More About the Types of Spiritual Roots

Vow:  This is something you resolved because of circumstances in your past.  You said, I will ________, or I won’t ________.

Judgment:  You made a judgment about yourself, others, or life.  You said, life is_________, I am________, people are________.  This could really be about anything: people, institutions, emotions, your physical body, etc.

Offense:  This is a decision that someone made to take something from you or make your life more difficult.  Occasionally I have found it is an offense that you made against others.

Unforgiveness: This can be your lack of forgiveness towards people or things. As with offense, I have discovered that sometimes it involves your response to others not forgiving you.

Step 5: Do a Final Check on the Behavior or Perception at Hand

It is possible to be partially connected with the behavior or perception with which you are working. This means that your muscles will lock when you say, “I’m connected to __________”, but because you haven’t tested it from the different perspectives of your life you aren’t FULLY connected with it.

The issue must be tested with the following statements before you know for sure that you have laid it to rest. With each statement that fails you must go back to step 3 and find out what else is causing a problem. After working through these statements your muscles should lock when you say “I am FULLY connected to _________”. Only then can you move on to the next facet of consciousness that is blocking your way to higher levels of emotional functioning.

Statements to Test

I am OK with _____________

I am ready, willing and able to __________________

It is safe to __________________

It is good for me to ________________

I want to _____________

I believe I can _____________

I can honor ______________

I am worthy of _______________

I can be supported by others in___________________

A Powerful Tool

Although I have not used this system on my clients, I have found it to be very effective for removing the roadblocks that were keeping me from functioning emotionally and reaching my highest potential in life. I include it on this website because it is such a powerful tool for emotional healing and comes with incredible potential for blessing the world.

I am grateful to Steven for developing it. You can contact him if you would like someone to work with you in this way.

For more information on the Dr. Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness, please contact me.




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  1. Steven Keller
    March 6, 2013
    11:44 pm #comment-1

    Nice write up. Glad to hear it is helping you.

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