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Natural Healing or Spiritualism? A Christian Perspective

By admin On January 26, 2012 Under BioEnergetic Testing

There are some who have been concerned that the muscle testing and distance healing that are used in The Emotion Code and The Body Code are not natural science but phenomena controlled by evil spiritual entities to deceive and ultimately cause harm. I want to say a little here to convey my belief on this and clarify the subject.

Modern Medicine Already Uses The Body’s Energy System

Without the use of the body’s energy system for assessment purposes, traditional western medicine would be set back many years. The techniques utilized by The Emotion Code/Body Code are only making use of the same system in a more focused and efficient way.

All Is Energy and Frequency

The truth that we cannot escape is that all is energy. We are built out of it. We know that intellectually but it is hard to realize it experientially. Everything seems so solid, so physical, but the truth remains that when any treatment is given the body, it deals with it energetically.

All is frequency and cycle. If you look at the atoms that make up our bodies, they have little mass. They are mostly space and are held together by charges of energy. It looks like our physical bodies are contained, but they aren’t. Energy can’t be isolated within the limits of what appears to be a physical body. Common sense would say that it must be interconnected to everything around it and you tell me where the limits are.

I’m just contemplating the physical body here. Who knows anything (scientifically) about the spirit that is the “us” that lives in these bodies? If light can travel around the world multiple times in a second, what about a thought or a prayer?

Intention and Intuition Are Powerful and Useful in the Physical World

These are things an effective healer must ever keep in mind. I have worked with intention and intuition for many years in my massage practice and am very comfortable with it. I have always prayed for wisdom and I believe the power of intention and intuition that I experience in massage is a gift from God. Is it strange to believe that the more focused intention and intuition I use with The Emotion Code, Touch For Health, or The Body Code is not also a gift from God? I see no difference.

Very Powerful!

Beyond this, natural science is beginning to affirm the authenticity and effectiveness of muscle testing and the power of intention. Studies by Dr. Bill Tiller, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science, have shown that human intention can make physical changes in our world (like changing the pH of water simply by intending to do so). Not only this, but focused intention can initiate that change from a distance (thousands of miles). These are experiments that are consistently repeatable by hundreds of individual scientists with the same results time after time.

Experiments done by the Department of Defense also show that this world is not as simple as we have believed. Quantum physics may be difficult to understand, but these simple experiments demonstrate that we cannot ignore it or palm it off as woo-woo. It is as real as talking to a friend on a cell phone. The sciences of quantum physics is a natural part of our world.

Bioenergetic Testing is Superior to Any Other Diagnostic Tool

Dr. Tiller has been a mentor to a brilliant physician, Dr. Savely Yurkovsky, who is the founder of Field Control Therapy that he has taught to hundreds of medical doctors and licensed health care professionals since 1999. Dr. Yurkovsky says that “bioenergetic testing is, in my opinion, the most sensitive single diagnostic tool that exists in the world today. I must tell from my own personal experience in reviewing the great body of literature that exists in the world today in various countries on the subject of bioenergetic testing, that when properly performed, it is far superior to any diagnostic modality that exists today in the world. It is far superior, in my opinion, to any blood, laboratory, or imaging techniques in the sense of the depth of the penetration that these tests are capable of and their ability to register even minute deviation in bio-cellular fields that take place on the cellular, subcellular, and intracellular structures, including the DNA.”

Intelligence Can Communicate

This revelation should come as no surprise to anyone. The body is intelligent. Without its genius, we would all soon be dead. It runs millions of complex operations every second, seeking to keep us in balance and healthy. It remembers everything we ever experience perfectly. We are intelligent creatures and it is not just our conscious mind that can communicate. Why shouldn’t we be able to access that vast intelligence within us? Why should we have a problem with a system like The Body Code that connects the two parts of US, so that we can communicate with ourselves more efficiently. That we should be able to do this is not only logical but, it seems to me, probable.

There is nothing wrong with communicating with ourselves. In fact, no relationship is healthy without good communication. The relationship with ourselves is no exception.  I couldn’t say what I mean better than Steve Keller.  He says on his website that “we see human engineers design machines that can diagnose themselves with simply error messages and handy reset buttons to fix problems simply and easily. The idea that God hasn’t designed my body with at least as many cool features is incomprehensible to me”.

The Same Scientific Method

Energetic medicine has not only been tried and tested through many millennia of doctors in Asia, but now is being tested by same scientific method that Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein used to discover many of the wonders we experience in our world every day. A system that can be used effectively by many common and diverse people with consistent results is a natural system, not unnatural (supernatural).

If A Child Can Do It….

Dr. Bradley Nelson tells of an 11 year old boy that came to one of his seminars with his mother. He became so fascinated in The Emotion Code process that he learned to muscle test and soon began working on his friends at school. His mother was surprised one day when she received a call from the mother of one of her son’s friends. “What has your son been doing with my son,” she asked. She went on to say that her son, who had always had a phobia of water, was out playing in the swimming pool. The healing efforts of an 11 year old boy, using The Emotion Code process, had resolved his friend’s chronic condition of fear. A system that can be effectively used by an innocent child is a natural system.

Even Natural Science Is A Mystery

The science behind many of our modern devices remains a mystery. The understanding of the function of something as common as electromagnetism is only theory. Not totally understanding how something works doesn’t automatically mean that Satan is behind it. Demons are active everywhere in our world, but we worry about there presence behind every bush. Only those who carelessly pursue a course away from God are in danger. All I am saying is that there is such a thing as natural science and it is a gift from God.

Truth Is Truth, Regardless Of Who Discovers It First

Probably the most important thing I want to say is this: there are some realities, like chakras, chi, meridians, which were discovered by pagan cultures and are taught by new age healers. These describe realities about the way our bodies work that God created. Truth is always interpreted in the light of our world view. Interpreting truth in the light of a world view that Christians believe is wrong, doesn’t cancel out the existence of the phenomenon. Christians do not have the corner on all wisdom and knowledge in this world. Many realities discovered by those in what Christians consider false religions have been used by countless Christians and cannot be ignored because of their pagan origin.

God made everything. It belongs to Him, and us as His children, regardless of who discovered it first. One must remember that even the roots of western medicine are pagan and that the drugs that we are so accustom to are biblically defined as witchcraft (see post script).

Philosophical/Spiritual Misinterpretation Doesn’t Make Muscle Testing Evil

Those with new age philosophies differ from Christians in how they interpret the new information we have discovered in physics. They believe that energy is God rather than a creation of God. Since everything has energy and all energy works together with synergistic intellegence, they assume that we are all part of God (being made of the same universal energy) instead of being made by God. If we are part of God, then it is simply a matter of tapping into the “cosmic source” or “universal energy” with the right techniques to reach an altered state of consciousness or enlightenment so that we can attain the pure consciousness of godhood, which is seen to be our true potential.

Many Christians, though they don’t buy into this whole philosophy, believe that we are begotton sons of God (like Jesus) instead of created sons of God. The effect is the same, not too far off the serpent’s original premise in the Garden of Eden: “You will be like God.”

However, the new age philosophy is just one interpretation of quantum physics, and no interpretation of the facts can make the rules of God’s natural earth and energy evil. Neither does it make the forms of energy healing based on those new discoveries evil. If it is evil to believe that “everything is energy” and to make practical use of that belief, then physics itself is evil.

Not Mind Control

This is not mind control.  This is not like hypnosis, where we are placing our minds under the control of others.  There is no danger of controlling or even messing with the conscious mind or choice of others.  We are communicating with the subconscious with the conscious permission of those being benefited.  When that permission is violated, the system is ineffective.


Energy medicine, like bioenergetic testing, is not the enemy here. It is new to us in the West and less understood, so it is understandable for us to look on it with uncertainty and fear. But a deeper look reveals that its science is as natural as the model T, the cell phone, or the electrocardiogram. Muscle testing is no spookier than radio waves. The only difference is that we have had many years to become accustom to radios and satellites.

Be Vigilant!  Satan May Be Hiding Where You Aren’t Looking

We will do well to be vigilant and careful because demons are alive and well in this world. They can mix error with ANY TRUTH. However, we should not give them credit where the praise belongs to God. The techniques in The Emotion Code and The Body Code are as natural and safe as the eight natural doctors of health. We will just as likely find Satan at work in any modern hospital.

Post Script exerpted from this website.

Pharmakeia (Pharmaceutical Drugs)

The word “pharmacy” comes directly from the Greek word “Pharmakeia.” Today’s modern dictionary defines pharmakeia as the use of drugs, controlled poisons, and refers specifically to pharmaceutical drugs, although it encompasses street drugs as well. When most folks hear that pharmakeia means “sorcery and the use of drugs” they immediately think of illegal street drugs and completely miss the closer connection with pharmaceutical drugs. That shows the deception is working mighty well.

In the day the New Testament was written in ancient Greek, pharmakeia meant “sorcery” and also “poison” which was used in “witchcraft” for both healing and entering the spiritual realm, but by the 1200-1600′s “pharma” was exclusively used to denote “medicine.”

What are pharmaceutical drugs today? Controlled poison. So the true original meaning is still there.

φαρμακεια = “pharmakeia” drugs, poison, practice of the druggist [Revelation 18:23]

Φαρμακο = “pharmako” medicine or poison, craft [Revelation 22:15]

φαρμακον = “pharmacon” drug, poisonous cure [Revelation 22:15]

μαγεω mageuō = sorcery in regards to magic [Acts 8:9]

Pharmakeia in ancient Greek is defined as both “poison” and also “sorcery,” the mystic art of magick [magic]. It has everything to do with controlled poisons made from chemicals in laboratories (drugs) that do not heal but only mask illnesses and disease, and only treat symptoms. Today it’s politely called “medication”. The Orwellian NewSpeak definition is “healthcare”, but those who know about true health and healing are very aware these chemicals are based on “pseudo science”, aka bad science.

We are finding out more and more each day that true healing comes from natural sources and not chemicals, but since there’s no money in natural cures, prevention, and eating proper foods, the farce of the poison in the form of a magic pill goes on.

One expert in ancient Greek said the meaning of pharmakeia is closer to “healing without repentance”, repentance meaning to change direction. Healing without repentance simply means trying to cure an illness without taking the responsibility of changing the behavior, habits, or environment that caused the disease in the first place.

A good example of this are using pharmaceutical drugs to treat an illness without stopping the behavior that caused it, such as smoking, over indulging in food, or eating unhealthy foods. So we end up doing things such as taking blood thinning drugs to allow blood to pass through clogged arteries instead of eating properly to avoid clogging them in the first place (or changing our diet so we can clear them). People who do not take responsibility for their own health want a magic pill, but just like all magic, it is nothing but an imitation, a trick, fraud: SORCERY.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Steven Keller
    April 22, 2012
    9:22 am #comment-1

    Great article. I always express more confidence in God’s ability to keep me than in the devil’s ability to decieve me. Sadly most christians simply put a negative spiritual spin on anything they don’t have a box for.

  2. Gary L. Clendenon
    October 20, 2012
    1:29 am #comment-2

    Good topic and I agree with your conclusions.

  3. Michelle
    September 9, 2015
    4:50 pm #comment-3

    Hi Brent,

    I am a Christian counselor LMFT. I have been doing some research on Quantum healing and have started a process of Quantum healing with a web site hosted by Melanie Tonia Evans. She works with people recovering from narcissistic abuse and co dependency which I am one, and am on my 2nd divorce. I like part of her message and have learned a lot about owning my own behavior and accepting the reason I chose to marry those two men. However, she recently wrote a blog about her experiences and beliefs with soul contracts and reincarnation. Having read her belief on those subjects I can not in good conscious submit myself to her healing modules due to my Christian belief in God the Father, Jesus my savior and the Holy spirit. See the link to read here. http://blog.melanietoniaevans.com/the-soul-contract-with-a-narcissist/

    I decided I needed to do some research on quantum healing from a Christian perspective and found your post here. I like what you have to say and want to learn more. Where do you suggest I go now for my healing? I know I need more conscious healing as my relationships are not healthy. I also want to learn and grow to help my clients learn and grow and if I stuck they will be too. However, I want to submit myself totally to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

    I look forward to hearing your response to me. Please email me at your earliest convenience.

  4. Reenie Hall
    February 6, 2016
    3:13 pm #comment-4

    Thank you SO much for posting this. I have been working with my chiropractor for about two years now with muscle testing and use of whole food supplements to heal several diseases I had. After making good progress with that, I have come to realize there are a lot of underlying emotional issues. The body code was recommended by my chiropractor, so I went to one session. My Christian friends are very concerned for me, but I have been praying that God would reveal the truth about this type of healing to me. I feel fairly peaceful about it, even though it does seem very strange. The one thing they really have a problem with is that the body code claims emotions can be passed down from ancestors (one of my emotions was apparently from 16 generations back!) Do you have any thoughts/words of wisdom concerning that? It’s really hard to make sense of it as a Christian.

    • admin
      April 18, 2016
      1:23 am #comment-5

      Hi Reenie,

      Scientific research is telling us that emotions can be transmitted genetically. I personally worked on a 55-year-old man who was depressed since he could remember. I released many trapped emotions on him and most of them were inherited. He saw a dramatic improvement! This makes sense since he had AlWAYS been depressed.

      The Bible certainly doesn’t leave the possibility of emotions being inherited out either:

      “The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.” Numbers 14:18

      This seems to indicated that an evil temperment or emotion can be passed on to the next generation.

      Many of my Christian friends and family have the most problem with being able to do this work at a distance. Einstein didn’t like it either. He called it “spooky action at a distance.” I’m afraid there are uncomfortable realities in this world that many of us are going to have to get used to… =)

    • Ray Howard
      February 22, 2018
      7:56 am #comment-6

      Renee, God bless you,Okay I’m not saying I’m in agreement with all of this yet,but to answer your question about generational curses coming through the Bloodline,In Your Bible Exodus 20:5 it shows you that generational curses are handed down from our forefathers, Hope this helps you, However I See in these forums where people actually get into Believing they can deliver People from dark entities on there own,The Bible says only Jesus Can Do that,I believe an emotion and a bad thought pattern is just a negative belief,But True Demons can only be handled by Jesus,I think a few of the forums I’ve Read where very scary to think that the people Honestly Thought they could deliver a Demon with a Magnet🤔, Emotions I believe Because of it being a subconscious negative energy,But not Demons,God Bless You 🙏🙌

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