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Raise Your Emotional Function and Consciousness

By admin On September 15, 2012 1 Comment

In many areas of our lives we are functioning very poorly.  We can only manage a level of shame and guilt when we could be functioning up on a level of joy and peace. Steven Keller has developed an effective way to allow a person to “do the work” and raise their emotional level of consciousness. I have used his system on myself with amazing effectiveness.

Steven’s system combines a map developed by Dr. David Hawkins with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code. Together they can help us find and correct the roots and imbalances that cause our emotional dysfunction.

On his website, Keller Healing Arts Center, Steven explains that the differences in level on Dr. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness are differences in how we perceive life. Function on a low level (on the bottom half of the chart) shows that we see our value as dependent on our performance. This view is rooted in how we see ourselves in relationship. To use Steven’s example, seeing ourselves as servants or slaves is vastly different than seeing ourselves as sons or daughters. The higher levels of consciousness reveal that we believe our value is based on our relationships, not on our performance. In truth, our performance is dependent on how we view our relationships.

To reach higher levels of consciousness, our perspective must change. Steven says that “as a son/daughter you know you are loved, you have position, influence, and authority. Life and circumstances can’t push you around and offend you.” Those who see themselves as sons or daughters feel their inherent worth, but there is no such feeling for those who see themselves as slaves. Consequently, they become trapped in a hell of limiting emotions.

Steve uses this map differently than Dr. Hawkins. With it, he measures emotional consciousness rather than spiritual consciousness. In this way he helps people connect to higher levels of emotional function.

How It Works

By finding our current position on the Map of Consciousness for any area in our life and identifying the level at which we are functioning in that area, we can then deal with the behaviors or perceptions that are blocking us from moving to higher levels of emotional performance. We do this by exploring with muscle testing the root of the problem that is limiting us in that particular area, bringing it up into our consciousness so that it can be dealt with and released.

By removing the root issues that are causing a particular limiting behavior or perception, we free ourselves from the slavery of the lies and negative energies that have held us back emotionally. Consequently, we can move on to another issue at a higher level and thus progress up the map of consciousness to higher levels of emotional function.

Step 1: Find Your Emotional Level of Consciousness

To find your level of consciousness, refer to Dr. Hawkin’s map and muscle test for “my level of emotional consciousness regarding _________ includes a 20, 30, 50….”  Keep on going up until you get a no. You can either test your general level of consciousness or a more specific level (by adding “regarding _________”, as done above). To find your general level of consciousness, test for “my general level of consciousness includes ________”.

Step 2: Find the Disconnected Individual Columns of Behavior or Perception

On the first level that your level of consciousness doesn’t include, you can test in each column (God View, Life View, Level, Emotion, and Process) to find the area or areas of consciousness from which you are disconnected. For example, on the 200 level you would test each column in turn by saying “I’m connected to permitting …feasible …courage …affirmation …empowerment”. The ones with which you do not connect are the ones on which you need to work.

Once you find these, you can deal with them one by one until you are connected to every column on that level (which then allows your level of consciousness to move up to the next level).

Here is a better description of each column on Dr. Hawkin’s Map.

God View: How I view God

Life View:  How I view Life in General

Level:  Level of Consciousness

Emotion:  Where my emotional energy is spent

Process:  What I’m working on…where my life is going.

Step 3: Determine the Type of Problem Blocking Each Facet of Consciousness

There are four things that can be blocking any of these behaviors or perceptions with which we are working: a Spiritual Root, a Trapped Emotion, a trapped emotion in a Heart Wall, and a trapped emotion in a Hidden Heart Wall. You must muscle test to find out which one is blocking you from being connected to that aspect. Test by asking “is this issue being blocked by a Spiritual Root…a Trapped Emotion…a Heart Wall…a Hidden Heart Wall?” When you find it, deal with it (see step 4), and then check again to see if you are connected to that facet of consciousness. You may find more than one issue blocking each with which you work.

Step 4: Explore Each Problem with Your Tools at Hand and Deal with Them

If the blockage is caused by anything but a spiritual root, find it and release it with The Emotion Code chart. Then check to see if you are connected to the facet of conscious in the column with which you are working. If you are not, go back to step 3 and find out what else is causing a problem.

If it is a spiritual root, Dr. Hawkin’s Map and The Emotion Code chart can be used together to find the issue that is blocking you.  I describe that process below. Again, there can be multiple blockages for each facet of consciousness that you deal with. However, eventually you will be able to connect with each and thus move on up the map.

How to Deal with Spiritual Roots

Spiritual roots are bad choices made in our past that went against God’s kingdom of righteousness, joy, and peace. These decisions have disastrous consequences on the outcome of our lives because they inform and influence all subsequent life decisions for evil. Only by going back and finding the root of the problem and correcting it can we resolve the resulting emotional problems it has caused.

If your muscle testing reveals a spiritual root, here is the way to explore it. We need to muscle test to find out at what age it happened. Then we need to test to find out what kind of a spiritual decision that we made in our past that has negatively impacted our life. Do this by muscle testing for “was this spiritual root about a vow I made…a judgment I made…an offense…an unforgiveness?” These four distinctions will help you be more specific so that you can find the problem. They are more specifically described below.

If you are still having problems understanding what the spiritual root was about, you can focus on it even closer by using The Emotion Code and the Map. Muscle test for “is there an emotion in The Emotion Code that more accurately describes my feelings surrounding this spiritual root?” or “can a behavior or perception on Dr. Hawkin’s map more accurately describe this spiritual root?” In this way you can often find more clues to help you understand what the issue is.

Once you find and understand how your thinking and emotions have been skewed by this spiritual root, you can then simply repent and throw your will on the side of changing your thinking. You can make a new empowering vow to replace it and even ask God for forgiveness and help with it if you are inclined.

After repenting your former indiscretion you can then check to see if you are connected to the facet of consciousness in the column with which you are working. If you are not, go back to step 3 and find out what else is causing a problem.

A Little More About the Types of Spiritual Roots

Vow:  This is something you resolved because of circumstances in your past.  You said, I will ________, or I won’t ________.

Judgment:  You made a judgment about yourself, others, or life.  You said, life is_________, I am________, people are________.  This could really be about anything: people, institutions, emotions, your physical body, etc.

Offense:  This is a decision that someone made to take something from you or make your life more difficult.  Occasionally I have found it is an offense that you made against others.

Unforgiveness: This can be your lack of forgiveness towards people or things. As with offense, I have discovered that sometimes it involves your response to others not forgiving you.

Step 5: Do a Final Check on the Behavior or Perception at Hand

It is possible to be partially connected with the behavior or perception with which you are working. This means that your muscles will lock when you say, “I’m connected to __________”, but because you haven’t tested it from the different perspectives of your life you aren’t FULLY connected with it.

The issue must be tested with the following statements before you know for sure that you have laid it to rest. With each statement that fails you must go back to step 3 and find out what else is causing a problem. After working through these statements your muscles should lock when you say “I am FULLY connected to _________”. Only then can you move on to the next facet of consciousness that is blocking your way to higher levels of emotional functioning.

Statements to Test

I am OK with _____________

I am ready, willing and able to __________________

It is safe to __________________

It is good for me to ________________

I want to _____________

I believe I can _____________

I can honor ______________

I am worthy of _______________

I can be supported by others in___________________

A Powerful Tool

Although I have not used this system on my clients, I have found it to be very effective for removing the roadblocks that were keeping me from functioning emotionally and reaching my highest potential in life. I include it on this website because it is such a powerful tool for emotional healing and comes with incredible potential for blessing the world.

I am grateful to Steven for developing it. You can contact him if you would like someone to work with you in this way.

For more information on the Dr. Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness, please contact me.




Body Code Balancing Observations

By admin On September 14, 2012 No Comments

Over the time that I have used The Body Code I have noticed that some symptoms often have similar causes. Although the same symptoms can be the result of a different combination of causes, I still feel there is value in identifying what experience shows are common imbalances that cause dysfunction in the body.

The things I talk about below are not intended to treat symptoms, but simply to join the discussion on common imbalances that can cause disease.  These are things I have discovered that come up repeatedly and, when addressed, can help bring the body back into homeostasis. Though these things are common in my experience, no one can know for sure what imbalance is causing a symptom without a diagnostic tool. Regardless, here are a few common causes of and remedies for dysfunction that I have found and experienced with The Body Code in attempting to bring bodies back into balance.

  • Turmeric for stiff and painful joints: In myself and a couple of my clients I have found that turmeric can ease stress in joints.
  • Coconut oil seems to repair nerve, muscle, connective tissue damage: I found this in myself. For months I had been working on repairing damage that kept my nerves and muscles in my torso and arms from holding a structural alignment. I had successfully aligned some areas, but my neck and arms were slow and resistant to healing. After two weeks of taking coconut oil my neck and arms responded and began holding a structural alignment. When I ask, my body tells me that coconut oil was responsible for my accelerated healing.  This is interesting in light of the fact that preliminary research is showing that coconut oil is beneficial for Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferers.
  • Magnesium and zinc deficiencies are very common: These deficiencies come up repeatedly on my clients. This article will show you how to best deal with magnesium deficiencies.
  • Heavy metals a common cause of brain fog (as well as other brain issues) and high blood pressure: this problem is more of an issue with my older clients. My own brain and high blood pressure symptoms disappeared after removing heavy metals. There are simple inexpensive ways of removing heavy metals.
  • Viruses may be vulnerable to being driven out when the reason they got a foothold in the body in the first place is removed: this is the experience I have had with my own herpes simplex 1 virus. I am currently working with a client to see if this process of balancing the body will also be effective with the HIV virus.
  • Since mold is hard to detect, it often flies under the radar and can be the reason that annoying chronic symptoms won’t leave.  The body has a hard time ridding itself of mold by itself. It needs help to exterminate it from the system and bring the infested part of the body back into balance and function. Neem is very effective at doing this. Because some of my clients have reacted strongly to neem, I have also used a Young Living essential oil blend called Thieves with success (lemon essential oil is also effective for some).
  • Neem is very efficient at killing fungus and mold, but caution must taken because some have a reaction either to the herb itself or to the pathogen die-off it causes. Start out slowly or use an essential oil alternative (above).
  • Zeolite or chlorine dioxide are great for destroying heavy metals in the body in order to bring it back into homeostasis, but they must also be approached cautiously. Begin with a very small dose just to make sure it isn’t going to make you really sick.
  • Targeted herbal formulas are one of the best ways to rebuild organs and glands that have been trashed by toxicity and deficiency. With The Body Code these can be personally designed especially for the client’s needs.
  • Dehydration, even in a world where everyone carries around water, still causes problems. This is because a person may be getting a lot of water, but if it is even 1/2 cup under what their body needs, they will continually slip into dehydration. Water intake needs to be OVER the minimum body need.
  • Ph imbalance, which can be remedied with apple cider vinegar capsules or baking soda, often aggravates skin problems.
  • Often the permanent solution for digestive problems is to bring the organs and glands back to function so that they can again be able to manufacture the enzymes and nutrients that will help the body metabolize food and achieve equilibrium. Taking supplements like hydrochloric acid and vanadyl sulfate are only temporary solutions.
  • Stopping the consumption of inflammatory foods can cause weight loss.  This is definitely something to try when you have tried everything else.
  • Using The Body Code to deal with negative energies in the body can bring an end to addictions.  I have had seen this work strikingly in myself and my clients
  • Using The Body Code to deal with negative energies in the body can heighten one’s mood.
  • Using The Body Code to deal with negative energies in the body can reduce pain.  This is one of the most powerful ways that The Body Code is effective in balancing the body.

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Accuracy in Muscle Testing

By admin On March 19, 2012 No Comments

There is much talk across the internet about how most muscle testing that is done out there is yielding inaccurate results.  In the process of listening to my mentors, reading over the web, and testing my results, I have come up with some practices that I feel guarantee muscle testing accuracy.

First Things First

When it comes to accuracy in muscle testing, practitioners should incorporate these five things first before he considers anything else.

The Greatest Way To Assure Accuracy in Muscle Testing

For greatest accuracy in muscle testing, we need to be clear channels with no bias.  We must use our mind in a proactive way to keep it from interfering with the truth.  Accurate muscle testing is about mental discipline, using the power of the mind in a beneficial way.  Here are some helpful hints:

Embrace Positive Expectation and Intention

It is important that we go into muscle testing with the intention that it is going to be a perfect muscle testing experience, knowing and envisioning that our muscle testing is going to be just right, superb, perfect…right on.   In other words, we need an expectation of accuracy.

This can be encouraged by bringing the frequency of our thought up with prayer and gratefulness.  We can pray for wisdom and guidance each time we use muscle testing to help another.  We can be grateful that God is using us as channels of healing and thank Him for the effectiveness of our efforts in helping others. Meditating on elevated thoughts of gratitude and love raises our frequency of energy and does more to create accuracy in muscle testing than anything else.

When asked for the single most important tip he could give on how to obtain the best results with the Body Code Healing System, Dr. Nelson said, “Prayer. Love the person that you’re working on, and have a heart full of gratitude that what you’re doing is working, and I guarantee you, you will see miracles happen!”

Control Emotionally Charged Thoughts and Limit the Scope of Overall Brain Activity by Doing the Following:

  • Before you muscle test, ask if there is any emotion on The Emotion Code chart that you are feeling at the moment.  Clear them if there are.
  • Set yourself aside, your cares and problems, and focus compassion and care totally on the person you are seeking to help.
  • Our beliefs and convictions can have profound impacts on results from muscle testing and one of the most difficult things to do when muscle testing is to remain neutral.  It might help to say “I set aside my opinion on what is causing this client’s symptoms.”  Or I may state, “These are ________’s test results.  I am neutral.”  3 rolls down the governing meridian as you make these statements will set them and make them effective for a whole session.  Use your own creativity to frame your own statements of neutrality.
  • Grounding makes a huge difference in effective testing. Do a mental exercise where you grow roots from your feet deep into the earth (at least a half a mile) and allow them to spread out like the roots of a tree. Then allow the energy of the earth up to well up into you (don’t pull it) and out through the top of your head.
  • Maintain a strong intention to keep your thoughts in the present.  Happiness is living in the present moment.  Most of the time thoughts centered in the present are simpler and less emotionally charged.  Thoughts from the past and of the future can take us quickly from that calm into a state of turmoil.  The solution is to look out for thoughts that are spinning into the problems of the future or falling back into the frustrations of the past.  Come back to the present.  The present is where productivity, creativity and accomplishment happen.  It is the place we will be most productive with muscle testing.
  • Staying in the present can be practically accomplished by rolling 3 times UP the governing meridian with a magnet while saying, “I’m removing my thoughts from the past and the future and focusing them in the present.”

Practical Things We Can Do to Ensure Accurate Muscle Testing

  • Drink 12 oz of water beforehand.
  • Keep testing area clear of distractions so client can be totally focused on.
  • Muscle testing may be inaccurate when we are are extremely toxic, tired, stressed or sick.  Emotional stress can be calmed by a couple of minutes of rest.  Closing the eyes, deep breathing, and music can help in this de-stressing process.
  • The thymus is the energy regulator of the body.  More than one source mentions that it helps to stimulate it by thumping it 10 times with your fingers clustered together.  The thymus is behind the sternum bone, about halfway down.
  • Rotate the shoulders, reach for the sky with your arms and enjoy a good stretch.  Finish by rotating the shoulders again.
  • Try to keep alcohol or drugs out of the system for 6 hours prior to muscle testing.

Remember, Accurate Muscle Testing is Your Birthright

Dr. Bradley Nelson believes that it is in our nature to be healers.  It is our birthright.  I believe we were created to love and strengthen each other.  That means that muscle testing and The Body Code are gifts from our Creator to accomplish this.

Believe in yourself. I love what Claudia Schecter says about healing and believing. “Remember that the healing comes through you and not from you. Trust that healing occurs, even though shifts are not always immediately visible. Be detached from your outcome when testing.”

Relax and don’t doubt that you are effective. This is bigger than you.

A Natural System For Healing Bodies

From my perspective, the answers the body muscles will know the most about are related to body function.  This is because muscle testing is a conversation with the subconscious body.  When it comes to accuracy, this is where muscle testing will excel.  When you do your best with the above precautions, you can trust the accuracy of each answer you receive.

A Higher Frequency

Occasionally I will find myself getting inconsistent answers. What corrects the experience is not the realization that I got a wrong answer (and so now the with continued testing I will get the right one). What corrects it is changing my state of frequency. I think the reason we get wrong answers is because (for whatever reason) we have fallen into a state of low frequency. So, when I have this problem, I will make one of the following statements:

“I am a child of God’s love and light; darkness leave me now.” (A statement used by Dr. Loyd Alexander)

“All I want is the truth.” (A statement shared with me by Emotion Code Practitioner, Connie Sloan)

When I make these statements, I can feel a wave of what I can only describe as high frequency. It is the same feeling I get when I have had an encounter with God or when I have reached out to help someone (a phenomena called the “Helper’s High”: a rush of euphoria followed by an extended period of calm and well-being). This wave of frequency is enough to put me back on track and make my testing consistent and true.

It is interesting that reaching out to help someone else is so beneficial to our health. It may be one of the most important steps toward healing ourselves. It promotes a strengthened immune system, generates positive emotions (improving attitudes that damage the body), decreases pain by releasing endorphins, and reduces stress. This is all well documented.

Having Said All This, It Really Is Quite Simple!

I must repeat Dr. Bradley Nelson, “Love the person that you’re working on, and have a heart full of gratitude that what you’re doing is working, and I guarantee you, you will see miracles happen!”

If nothing seems to help you, and you are still are having problems with accuracy in your muscle testing, give The Truth Technique a try. It was developed in 1997 by Alexander Loyd and is a unique system that is more helpful at resolving accuracy problems than any other I’ve seen. It is easy to learn and effective because it not only approaches muscle testing a bit differently, but it also has a systemic routine that amazingly corrects emotional bias and uncertainty that can influence and skew standard muscle testing. Contact me for more information.

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A Channel of Healing Water

By admin On February 19, 2012 No Comments

Water is the most prevailant substance on our planet.  Though it seems common to us, it influences us perhaps more than any other substance on earth and more than we will ever know.

There’s Nothing Else Like Water

Since we are composed of water, its properties hold many of the answers to our questions of how we communicate with each other and how we affect each other.  Water shows just a little of how our power of emotion, thought, and intention reach out and impact other’s lives.

Water Has A Mind

Water has memory.  Though it is such a small, simple molecule, the structures it forms when clustered together are complex and form as kind of magnetic tape that remembers everything, both physical and energetic, that it has come into contact with.  Water changes for good or bad depending on its experience.  It is the most maliable and complex computer every discovered.

The universe is connected by huge streams of information.  In our world, water plays the key role in how that information is exchanged.  In effect, it is the medium through which all nature is governed.

Water Responds To Human Emotion More Than Anything Else

Many studies have shown that human emotions have the most powerful effect on water.  Positive emotions increase the energy of water and stablize it, while negative emotions reduce its energy and make radically harmful changes in it.  Consider this in light of the fact that we are mostly water.

Emoto Masaru has demonstrated how emotions affect water with his profound experiments on the substance.  He plays music to it, speaks kindly and harshly to it, and even tapes sentiments written on paper to it.  Then he cryogenically freezes the water and crystal structures that emerge from its depths are stunning.  He photographs beautiful crystals that develop from the music of Mozart and saying “thank you” and “I love you” (pictured below).  But he only gets ugly smudges from heavy metal music and saying “you disgust me” (pictured above) and “I hate you”.

We Communicate Through Water

From the studies that have been done, it follows surely that water plays an important part in how we communicate with each other, both when together and apart, for we are vessels of water.  If all is energy, then water is an important part of the utility of that energy and enables capabilities that most have thought impossible.

A Channel of Water

Whether it is a thought, a prayer, or a smile, our intention interacts with water to impact our world in powerful ways that change the course of lives for better or for worse.  When my muscles lock in a healing connection with someone far away, I often wonder just how much water has to do with this union, and I am grateful once more to be a channel of healing water to someone in need.

Discover The True Causes of Your Weight Probem

By admin On February 16, 2012 No Comments

Would You Like To Know The Secret?

Would you like to be able to ask your body why it can’t keep the weight off? Can you imagine how profitable it would be to chat with the part of your body that knows what is wrong? Now you can. With only a few questions, you can find the physical and emotional causes of your weight problem.

Your Body Knows

There are five core reasons why you can’t lose that stubborn fat, and your body knows which ones are tormenting you. What is the biggest reason for your trouble losing weight?

  • Is it a Heart Wall? There can be a powerful link between a sad heart and your unhealthy weight levels. Food can temporarily make up for a lack of joy.
  • Is toxicity in your food and water making you gain weight?
  • Is your diet the culprit? Do you need to make some changes in the way you eat?
  • Or perhaps consumption of foods that are inflammatory to you are sabotaging your weight loss efforts.
  • Finally, it may be emotional sabotage that is making it so hard for you to lose those pounds. Negative energies and negativity from others can throw up a tough road block between you and a thin body. Your body can even use weight as armor to protect you from these emotional attacks.

The Solution is at the Source

With The Body Code, you can find the cause of your trouble losing weight. Your body knows what is wrong. Go straight to the source and discover the way to a thinner body, one that is healthy and fit.

Bioenergetic Ethics

By admin On February 12, 2012 2 Comments

It seems strange to me that, though we are all swimming in a world of relationships, we have to be reminded about how we should and shouldn’t act within them. So many are clueless about where boundaries should be within their relationships.

A Gift Not To Be Abused

In our relationships as healers, we must remember to treat those we are attempting to benefit with respect. Those who are called to employ the sacred power of healing for others must not abuse this power. It is a divine gift and, if abused, it can be forfeited more easily than it was gained.

A Lesson From Narnia

With any form of distance healing, the first thing that must be remembered is what CS Lewis was trying to say in The Chronicals of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Lucy enters a mansion on the Island of the Dufflepuds, where she finds a magical book of spells in an effort to try to return the Dufflepuds to visibility. In the process of reading the book, she eavesdrops on her friends. When Alsan appears and reprimands her for spying on her friends, she realizes that she cannot reverse the harm that has been done for “nobody gets to know what would have happened”.

Even if we have the power, there are many things in this world that are better not to know. Applied kineseology, such as we practice with The Body Code, is designed for the purpose of healing. Using it, whether in person, by surrogate, or at a distance, to learn things that we don’t need to know in order to help and heal is an abuse of power and privacy. All those, like Lucy, who engage in this type of behavior will end up regretting it.

An Unethical and Evil Temptation

Just as important, is obtaining permission from those we are testing. Healing without permission is unethical because it is also an invasion of privacy, straying into the realm of sorcery. All of us have the responsibility and right to decide what to do for ourselves in matters of body and soul. The person may clearly need help and we may be sure that they would give us permission, but unless we ask and get that permission, we must not work on them.

Working Together Increases Healing Energy

There are other reasons it is important to get permission also. When permission is given by the recipient of the healing, it opens them up to accept the healing energy, increasing their ability to receive its power. Healing is not one way. It is reciprical and depends on the attention and work of both the healer and the one seeking healing. The participation of both parties increases healing energy.

Being aware of healing effort also tunes the beneficiary into things happening in their body during and after the session. When there is a change in health, it can then be attributed rightly to the healing value of powerful bioenergetic systems. This allows this healing to be acknowledged so it can be spread more widely abroad, increasing its benefit to humanity.

Do Unto Others

The bottom line is not to do to others what we don’t want them to do to us. How do we feel? Are we interest in just anyone treating us or our children without our permission or knowledge? Most of us would say no and so we know how most others would also respond.

A Rich Reward

Healing is a gift and we who are its channels must never abuse its power. Not only will this keep negative energy away from us but it will increase our healing energy and lengthen our careers. The reward for this reverent respect for others is the joy of seeing the many lives of those who choose to work with us transformed.

Energy Reversals

By admin On February 11, 2012 No Comments

Although not always the case, I believe one of the biggest things preventing people from learning to self muscle test effectively is an energy reversal in their bodies. This has often been the problem with those I am trying to teach to muscle test themselves. This means that their energy is flowing backwards; that the meridian energy is flowing in a counterclockwise direction. This condition of energy reversal results in an inability to self muscle test or at least an inability to test accurately with consistency.

The Heart of the Problem

It also is an indicator that there are serious health issues under the hood. Medical studies have shown repeatedly that using magnets to correct this reversal promotes healing.

The heart of the cause of this reversal is emotional and environmental toxicity and deficiency. These weaken the organ, gland, and muscle systems so that their energy (meridian/chakra) is interupted and their communication is cut of from the brain. Of course this plays out in different ways for all of us.

The Heart of the Solution

The ultimate solution is to remove the toxins and strengthen the weakened system. However, until that can happen, we need a way to assure that our muscle testing on ourselves will be accurate or even possible.

My Frustration and Discovery

I became aware of this problem when I suddenly became unable to get any of my muscles to lock. I had to suspend working on my clients for a couple months. The only muscles I could get to lock were my jaw muscles, which would wear out rapidly. Thankfully I came across Stephen and Beth Daniel’s website, Quantum Techniques. Here they talk about energy reversals and how to deal with them.

Using their technique, I quickly realized that I was able get my muscles to lock again! I was elated, as I was in a long, slow process of increasing the function of my endocrine system and it could be months before I was well. Now I could go back to work.

The Solution Involves Five Techniques

  • The first and most important procedure corrects the energy reversal. Putting all the fingers of one hand together tightly, place them against the stomach near the diaphragm, about two inches above the navel. Doing this guarantees testable muscles except in cases of extreme dehydration. This procedure is demonstrated here and here.
  • The second procedure involves learning one handed self testing techniques, or at least a method where the free hand can interact with the other hand while it is connecting with the stomach. For me, the easiest one handed technique (actually the easiest technique of any kind!) is described in the video below.
  • A couple of statement assure accuracy for both the practitioner and the client during testing: “I am 100% over any blocks to accurate testing,” and “I am 100% free of any spiritual deception in my testing.” These should both test strong. If weak, tap on the karate chop points on the side of the hands and under the nose to correct the first statement and make the following affirmation to correct the second (you can alter it according to your belief system): “In the name and power of God’s truth and love I command any deception affecting my testing to leave and never return.”
  • Check for dehydration by placing the fingers of one hand around your belly button and saying, “I want to be healthy.” If you get a weak response, drink some water!
  • Finally, it is possible that EMF interference can be skewing testing. Hold your palms 2-4 inches out from your ears and then say “I want to be healthy.” If this is weak, tap on your head above your ears for a few seconds and retest.

Another one handed technique is described on the Quantum Techiques website. Finally, the Linked Rings Method can also be modified to use while one hand is connected with the diaphragm, using the other hand to test by attempting to pull its joined fingers off of the hook of one of the fingers on the hand pointing into the stomach. This muscle testing technique is illustrated in the following video.

Don’t Let Energy Reversals Prevent You From Reaching Your Goals!

Energy reversals are real and must be addressed to allow accurate self testing. The simple techniques above can be a life savor for those who suffer from a reversal in their system. The ultimate solution is to resolve the energy reversal, but a stop gap can save a lot of frustration in the mean time.

Nutrient Points

By admin On February 9, 2012 1 Comment

Nutrient points were discovered by medical practitioners working with the German built biofeedback machine called the Ondamed. This is a machine that uses low frequency waves for healing, using the body’s pulse rate and quality to guide the practitioner to the area where healing is needed.

When Nutrient Points Fail

Nutrient points are control centers in specific areas throughout the body that were discovered to be responsible for regulating the absorption of different nutrients (or blocking the absorption of harmful ones). When these become blocked or congested, they cause a bodywide inability to absorb particular nutrients. Just as bad, obstructed nutrient points, whose task it is to block absorption of too much of a particular nutrient, can no longer do their job. This allows the toxic buildup of nutrients, chemicals, and heavy metals in the body.

The Ondamed uses energy (frequencies) to break up the congestion in these areas so they return to function.

More Ominous Than We Thought

Scientists have long thought that the utilization of vitamins and trace elements may be blocked or impaired more often than we think. This not only causes problems with deficiencies and toxicities, but taking a supplement when a nutrient point is blocked could be contra productive or even a health hazard.

The developers of the Ondamed found that eczema was always associated with a blocked vitamin C nutrient point. Further, to give vitamin C or fruit containing vitamin C to someone with eczema caused enormous exacerbation of symptoms.

I Wondered Why Not

After absorbing all this information on the Ondamed, I wondered why I couldn’t use the energy (frequencies) we use in The Body Code (intention magnified with magnets) to allow these blocked nutrient points to return to normal function. After experimenting on myself and my clients for some time, I believe we can.

Search and Destroy With The Body Code

I discovered that most blocked nutrient points had a negative energy in them called a saboteur. When I released the saboteur, the body’s ability to absorb (or block absorption) returned to 100%.  The difference between function of the nutrient point before and after release was dramatic.  They aren’t always blocked by saboteurs though. I have seen heavy metals and trapped emotions causing the problem too. A Body Code practitioner simply has to search for what is congesting them and then release it (or cleanse, in the case of heavy metals).

An Example of Success

I have had many examples confirming this. A classic case is with my stomach. I have a problem producing hydrochloric acid and have to supplement it, asking my body each meal if I need it (while I work on the underlying problem with my digestion). Though I was taking it every meal, I was surprised when I got sick to my stomach like I do when I don’t have enough hydrochloric acid. I checked the nutrient point for hydochloric acid and, sure enough, it was blocked. I released the saboteur in it and the problem was quickly ressolved.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Make Sure

I have been frustrated because some of my clients seem to have problems with absorbing nutrients like B12 and zinc.   I think this is especially critical with older clients.  Keeping the nutrient points clear seems to be an effective way of helping to ensure absorption of nutrients.  At least it doesn’t hurt to check and make sure.

Much To Be Discovered

There will be much discovered as more and more people begin using The Body Code.  This is just another tool to add to the tool box of the already amazingly complete Body Code System.

Nutrient point condition can easily be assessed and dealt with just by asking.  However, more information (a description of Nutrient Point Therapy for ONDAMED with nutrient point charts) on the Ondamed nutrient point discovery can be downloaded here.


The Emotion Code and Animals

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Animals are much like humans. They feel every emotion that we feel and when a negative emotion is felt strongly enough, it becomes trapped in their system in the same way as it is trapped in ours. These cause all kinds of behavior and physical problems in our pets.

Testing for trapped emotions and releasing them can have especially dramatic effects for animals. Unlike humans, they don’t put on airs. There is no placebo. Because of this, the results from treatment with The Emotion Code can be quick and often profound.

Watch your pets carefully and practice thinking of how they must feel when unsettling things happen in their lives. Abnormal symptoms, physical or behavioral, may be caused by trapped emotions. These are easily dealt with by those who know what to do and can make a dramatic difference in your pet’s quality of life.

The cool thing is that this can be done at a distance.  Contact me if you have a pet that is having problems.

Animal Testimonials

Natural Healing or Spiritualism? A Christian Perspective

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There are some who have been concerned that the muscle testing and distance healing that are used in The Emotion Code and The Body Code are not natural science but phenomena controlled by evil spiritual entities to deceive and ultimately cause harm. I want to say a little here to convey my belief on this and clarify the subject.

Modern Medicine Already Uses The Body’s Energy System

Without the use of the body’s energy system for assessment purposes, traditional western medicine would be set back many years. The techniques utilized by The Emotion Code/Body Code are only making use of the same system in a more focused and efficient way.

All Is Energy and Frequency

The truth that we cannot escape is that all is energy. We are built out of it. We know that intellectually but it is hard to realize it experientially. Everything seems so solid, so physical, but the truth remains that when any treatment is given the body, it deals with it energetically.

All is frequency and cycle. If you look at the atoms that make up our bodies, they have little mass. They are mostly space and are held together by charges of energy. It looks like our physical bodies are contained, but they aren’t. Energy can’t be isolated within the limits of what appears to be a physical body. Common sense would say that it must be interconnected to everything around it and you tell me where the limits are.

I’m just contemplating the physical body here. Who knows anything (scientifically) about the spirit that is the “us” that lives in these bodies? If light can travel around the world multiple times in a second, what about a thought or a prayer?

Intention and Intuition Are Powerful and Useful in the Physical World

These are things an effective healer must ever keep in mind. I have worked with intention and intuition for many years in my massage practice and am very comfortable with it. I have always prayed for wisdom and I believe the power of intention and intuition that I experience in massage is a gift from God. Is it strange to believe that the more focused intention and intuition I use with The Emotion Code, Touch For Health, or The Body Code is not also a gift from God? I see no difference.

Very Powerful!

Beyond this, natural science is beginning to affirm the authenticity and effectiveness of muscle testing and the power of intention. Studies by Dr. Bill Tiller, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science, have shown that human intention can make physical changes in our world (like changing the pH of water simply by intending to do so). Not only this, but focused intention can initiate that change from a distance (thousands of miles). These are experiments that are consistently repeatable by hundreds of individual scientists with the same results time after time.

Experiments done by the Department of Defense also show that this world is not as simple as we have believed. Quantum physics may be difficult to understand, but these simple experiments demonstrate that we cannot ignore it or palm it off as woo-woo. It is as real as talking to a friend on a cell phone. The sciences of quantum physics is a natural part of our world.

Bioenergetic Testing is Superior to Any Other Diagnostic Tool

Dr. Tiller has been a mentor to a brilliant physician, Dr. Savely Yurkovsky, who is the founder of Field Control Therapy that he has taught to hundreds of medical doctors and licensed health care professionals since 1999. Dr. Yurkovsky says that “bioenergetic testing is, in my opinion, the most sensitive single diagnostic tool that exists in the world today. I must tell from my own personal experience in reviewing the great body of literature that exists in the world today in various countries on the subject of bioenergetic testing, that when properly performed, it is far superior to any diagnostic modality that exists today in the world. It is far superior, in my opinion, to any blood, laboratory, or imaging techniques in the sense of the depth of the penetration that these tests are capable of and their ability to register even minute deviation in bio-cellular fields that take place on the cellular, subcellular, and intracellular structures, including the DNA.”

Intelligence Can Communicate

This revelation should come as no surprise to anyone. The body is intelligent. Without its genius, we would all soon be dead. It runs millions of complex operations every second, seeking to keep us in balance and healthy. It remembers everything we ever experience perfectly. We are intelligent creatures and it is not just our conscious mind that can communicate. Why shouldn’t we be able to access that vast intelligence within us? Why should we have a problem with a system like The Body Code that connects the two parts of US, so that we can communicate with ourselves more efficiently. That we should be able to do this is not only logical but, it seems to me, probable.

There is nothing wrong with communicating with ourselves. In fact, no relationship is healthy without good communication. The relationship with ourselves is no exception.  I couldn’t say what I mean better than Steve Keller.  He says on his website that “we see human engineers design machines that can diagnose themselves with simply error messages and handy reset buttons to fix problems simply and easily. The idea that God hasn’t designed my body with at least as many cool features is incomprehensible to me”.

The Same Scientific Method

Energetic medicine has not only been tried and tested through many millennia of doctors in Asia, but now is being tested by same scientific method that Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein used to discover many of the wonders we experience in our world every day. A system that can be used effectively by many common and diverse people with consistent results is a natural system, not unnatural (supernatural).

If A Child Can Do It….

Dr. Bradley Nelson tells of an 11 year old boy that came to one of his seminars with his mother. He became so fascinated in The Emotion Code process that he learned to muscle test and soon began working on his friends at school. His mother was surprised one day when she received a call from the mother of one of her son’s friends. “What has your son been doing with my son,” she asked. She went on to say that her son, who had always had a phobia of water, was out playing in the swimming pool. The healing efforts of an 11 year old boy, using The Emotion Code process, had resolved his friend’s chronic condition of fear. A system that can be effectively used by an innocent child is a natural system.

Even Natural Science Is A Mystery

The science behind many of our modern devices remains a mystery. The understanding of the function of something as common as electromagnetism is only theory. Not totally understanding how something works doesn’t automatically mean that Satan is behind it. Demons are active everywhere in our world, but we worry about there presence behind every bush. Only those who carelessly pursue a course away from God are in danger. All I am saying is that there is such a thing as natural science and it is a gift from God.

Truth Is Truth, Regardless Of Who Discovers It First

Probably the most important thing I want to say is this: there are some realities, like chakras, chi, meridians, which were discovered by pagan cultures and are taught by new age healers. These describe realities about the way our bodies work that God created. Truth is always interpreted in the light of our world view. Interpreting truth in the light of a world view that Christians believe is wrong, doesn’t cancel out the existence of the phenomenon. Christians do not have the corner on all wisdom and knowledge in this world. Many realities discovered by those in what Christians consider false religions have been used by countless Christians and cannot be ignored because of their pagan origin.

God made everything. It belongs to Him, and us as His children, regardless of who discovered it first. One must remember that even the roots of western medicine are pagan and that the drugs that we are so accustom to are biblically defined as witchcraft (see post script).

Philosophical/Spiritual Misinterpretation Doesn’t Make Muscle Testing Evil

Those with new age philosophies differ from Christians in how they interpret the new information we have discovered in physics. They believe that energy is God rather than a creation of God. Since everything has energy and all energy works together with synergistic intellegence, they assume that we are all part of God (being made of the same universal energy) instead of being made by God. If we are part of God, then it is simply a matter of tapping into the “cosmic source” or “universal energy” with the right techniques to reach an altered state of consciousness or enlightenment so that we can attain the pure consciousness of godhood, which is seen to be our true potential.

Many Christians, though they don’t buy into this whole philosophy, believe that we are begotton sons of God (like Jesus) instead of created sons of God. The effect is the same, not too far off the serpent’s original premise in the Garden of Eden: “You will be like God.”

However, the new age philosophy is just one interpretation of quantum physics, and no interpretation of the facts can make the rules of God’s natural earth and energy evil. Neither does it make the forms of energy healing based on those new discoveries evil. If it is evil to believe that “everything is energy” and to make practical use of that belief, then physics itself is evil.

Not Mind Control

This is not mind control.  This is not like hypnosis, where we are placing our minds under the control of others.  There is no danger of controlling or even messing with the conscious mind or choice of others.  We are communicating with the subconscious with the conscious permission of those being benefited.  When that permission is violated, the system is ineffective.


Energy medicine, like bioenergetic testing, is not the enemy here. It is new to us in the West and less understood, so it is understandable for us to look on it with uncertainty and fear. But a deeper look reveals that its science is as natural as the model T, the cell phone, or the electrocardiogram. Muscle testing is no spookier than radio waves. The only difference is that we have had many years to become accustom to radios and satellites.

Be Vigilant!  Satan May Be Hiding Where You Aren’t Looking

We will do well to be vigilant and careful because demons are alive and well in this world. They can mix error with ANY TRUTH. However, we should not give them credit where the praise belongs to God. The techniques in The Emotion Code and The Body Code are as natural and safe as the eight natural doctors of health. We will just as likely find Satan at work in any modern hospital.

Post Script exerpted from this website.

Pharmakeia (Pharmaceutical Drugs)

The word “pharmacy” comes directly from the Greek word “Pharmakeia.” Today’s modern dictionary defines pharmakeia as the use of drugs, controlled poisons, and refers specifically to pharmaceutical drugs, although it encompasses street drugs as well. When most folks hear that pharmakeia means “sorcery and the use of drugs” they immediately think of illegal street drugs and completely miss the closer connection with pharmaceutical drugs. That shows the deception is working mighty well.

In the day the New Testament was written in ancient Greek, pharmakeia meant “sorcery” and also “poison” which was used in “witchcraft” for both healing and entering the spiritual realm, but by the 1200-1600′s “pharma” was exclusively used to denote “medicine.”

What are pharmaceutical drugs today? Controlled poison. So the true original meaning is still there.

φαρμακεια = “pharmakeia” drugs, poison, practice of the druggist [Revelation 18:23]

Φαρμακο = “pharmako” medicine or poison, craft [Revelation 22:15]

φαρμακον = “pharmacon” drug, poisonous cure [Revelation 22:15]

μαγεω mageuō = sorcery in regards to magic [Acts 8:9]

Pharmakeia in ancient Greek is defined as both “poison” and also “sorcery,” the mystic art of magick [magic]. It has everything to do with controlled poisons made from chemicals in laboratories (drugs) that do not heal but only mask illnesses and disease, and only treat symptoms. Today it’s politely called “medication”. The Orwellian NewSpeak definition is “healthcare”, but those who know about true health and healing are very aware these chemicals are based on “pseudo science”, aka bad science.

We are finding out more and more each day that true healing comes from natural sources and not chemicals, but since there’s no money in natural cures, prevention, and eating proper foods, the farce of the poison in the form of a magic pill goes on.

One expert in ancient Greek said the meaning of pharmakeia is closer to “healing without repentance”, repentance meaning to change direction. Healing without repentance simply means trying to cure an illness without taking the responsibility of changing the behavior, habits, or environment that caused the disease in the first place.

A good example of this are using pharmaceutical drugs to treat an illness without stopping the behavior that caused it, such as smoking, over indulging in food, or eating unhealthy foods. So we end up doing things such as taking blood thinning drugs to allow blood to pass through clogged arteries instead of eating properly to avoid clogging them in the first place (or changing our diet so we can clear them). People who do not take responsibility for their own health want a magic pill, but just like all magic, it is nothing but an imitation, a trick, fraud: SORCERY.

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