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Who Else Wants A Two Way Conversation?

My name is Brent King, and I love two way conversations.

Here’s Why

I love them because dynamic communication allows us to:

  • Love from our heart
  • Remove pain
  • Nix depression, panic attacks, and phobias
  • Eliminate obstructions preventing success and fullest individual potential
  • Find the cause of disease

practice massage therapy and bioenergetic healing. I use the most exhaustive, practical, and ingenious methods of body balancing yet developed. They are two amazing forms of energy healing: The Body Code and Quantum Techniques.

Basically, these systems allow the body to talk back and, when it comes to health, little impacts us more than a getting in touch with ourselves.

Astonishing Discoveries

Don’t be surprised if the things you find on this website are startling. Life has always been that way for me. Perhaps it has been for you too. From the beginning, I haven’t expected to find life the way I have found it. It continues to astonish me with unexpected twists and turns. The discovery of the full potential of bioenergitic testing is just one example, but it is a good example!

It Began With My Mom

Within the first few years of my life, I quickly learned that when I talked to my mother, she talked back. This two way conversation was a wonderful realization for it led to a new world of communication with family and friends.

Then God Chimed In

My mother taught me about God. She taught me to talk to God. Though I talked to Him for years, I wondered why He didn’t talk back; why we didn’t have a two way conversation like my mom and I. Then He talked back. This was a stunning discovery for me and the resulting two way conversations have revolutionized my life and health.

Finally I Heard From Me

I’m not sure who taught me. Was it my Mom or some great teacher in my life? Anyway, through the years I learned that my body is a marvelous computer that remembers everything and controls all of the millions of automated functions that keep me alive every second. Since I was a kid, I have talked to my body.  Why did I never expect to hear me talk back? My mom talked back. God talked back. Why shouldn’t I? Then I found The Body Code. That is when I heard me talk back!

Yes! A two way conversation! And as I have asked questions and listened carefully to the answers, my health has been transformed.

Too Crazy To Be True?

Some things are just too wild to be true, right?  I mean, hearing God and my body talk back?!!  I know by the look on people’s faces when I explain it to them that it sounds crazy, but these are not mistaken realizations.  When you talk to your friends, they talk back.  That is what should happen in a relationship.  Truthfully, you can’t have a relationship, not even with yourself, without a two way conversation.

There is nothing like actually hearing back. It is the joy of a two way conversation that makes the world go around.

Oh, But It IS True!

Two way conversations have been amazing revelations for me. This website is about a two way conversation made possible by two systems that continues to astound me! My experiences with them border on the unbelievable and their potential for good is overwhelming. I have worked on many clients and, as I have seen the marked results in their lives, this energy healing therapy has become sacred to me. Any system of healing that has the power to go to the source to find the cause of illness like these do, MUST be shared.

I invite you to look over this website and, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.