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A Health Whisperer?

What Makes A Health Whisperer?

Whispering, most commonly known as horse whispering or dog whispering, is more about listening than whispering. So it is with health whispering. To communicate with our inmost intelligence, we must know how to ask and how to listen.

Those who practice this awe-inspiring skill look beyond the seen to the unseen. They listen for words that most will never hear. They understand the silent but incredibly powerful communication of the inner body.

It Waits To Speak

This is no trick or slight of hand. Though the term sounds dramatic and almost ethereal, health whispering does not come only to those who exist on a higher plane or possess some sixth sense. This grace is not some innate gift that is conferred on a priveleged few by the gods.

The quiet world of men and animals, only known to the likes of dreamers and mothers, is waiting to speak to any who will truly listen. The health whisperer journeys beyond the old and subtle language of intuition to discover the truth and interpret the mysteries of the body.

Bioenergetic Magic

The Body Code and Quantum Techniques are among the most powerful, simple, and focused systems ever developed to allow a person to communicate with the body. With it, the health whisperer can communicate directly with the part of the body that knows what is wrong. Negative energies, toxins, pathogens, and nutritional deficiencies can be discovered and corrected. To my knowledge, there is no more comprehensive system ever designed to identify the cause of health challenges.

Nix The Cause, Not The Symptom

We all know that when you fix the cause of a problem, the symptom goes away. When a body is brought into balance, its natural healing ability can triumph. We may not know exactly what will happen but often it is good, such as disappearance of symptoms and the return of emotional health.

Become One or Find One

You can learn to be a health whisperer. With this skill you can become a channel of healing for yourself and your loved ones. The biggest prerequisites are compassion and sensitivity. The Body Code and Quantum Techniques make the rest simple.

If you don’t wish to become a health whisperer, then the next best thing is to find one.  Why? Because only a health whisperer can so directly and effectively help you balance your body so that its natural healing ability can take over.