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By admin On January 29, 2012 Under Policies

I am not a medical doctor. I cannot act professionally in any capacity other than Licenced Massage Therapist. Use of The Body Code, The Emotion Code, or other types of healing that I might practice, whether in person or at a distance, is not a substitute for medical care. Neither is the information that I provide intended as medical advice, nor should it be used in the place of medical diagnosis or treatment.

I don’t treat disease. I help to correct system imbalances, relieve stress, and promote harmony within the body. Our goal will always be to bring the body into optimal balance, so its natural healing ability can take over. This is in line with the traditional reputation of natural and energy healing. They are valuable and effective compliments to conventional medical care.

With The Body Code, I am just a messenger. I only work here in that capacity. When we ask the body to reveal what is causing it grief, good things are likely to happen as we listen and comply. However, the body is complex and, as it returns to balance, neither I nor anyone else can guarantee exactly what will happen. That is why I take every precaution, as a healing crisis can be uncomfortable and sometimes intense.

I believe the information I make available is essential and valuable in allowing the body to return to balance, but it is offered as a service to my clients to be used as they deem prudent. Since each of us is responsible for our own bodies, we must use this or any other information according to our own wisdom and at our own risk.


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