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Quantum Techniques


Quantum Techniques (QT) works, purely and simply.

Why does it work?

The answer is in its philosophy:

“What the body can see it can heal.”

With a stroke of genius Steve and Beth Daniels have taken EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a time honored method of energy healing, and shaped it into an extremely advance form of energy medicine, possibly the most comprehensive system yet discovered. It has been labeled by some as “EFT on steroids.”

What Makes Quantum Techniques So Unique?

  • QT shines the light of truth into the body. Because of congestion, a breakdown of communication, and lack of circulation the subconscious body has in many cases lost its ability to see problems in the body field that are preventing it from optimal function. The Daniels’ system of healing not only ensures that we get the truth from the body, but also that we enable the body to see all that it needs to see in order to heal. Both analysis of the problem and its treatment are critical for healing.
  • QT can be practiced at a distance over the phone. This makes it available to those who don’t live close to a practitioner.
  • Like EFT, QT can be embraced by those with very little experience as well as the most advanced practitioners.

How Does Quantum Techniques Work?

QT has taken the EFT tapping points and coded them. Then, using applied kinesiology, they have assembled those points into codes that are dynamically effective at energetically treating the underlying causes of common symptoms and discomforts.

Once a person inputs the tapping points into the body it isn’t necessary to actually tap the points any more. They only need to be read for the body to energetically ping them in sequence.

Quantum Techniques has created many universal codes that are very effective, many of which are available for free. There are also many Universal Codes that can dramatically improve your life.

Just the Beginning

The Daniels have pressed forward with breaking information building on the work of inventive healers such as Gary Craig (EFT), Dr. Roger Callahan (TFT), Dr. Allan Phillips of the Neurolink Centre. Their trained practitioners have access to the latest and most innovative research to allow them to not only see the underlying imbalance in the body, but also to fix it. They are even able to create personalized codes designed according to the unique set of underlying issues that are causing a client’s distress.

Give It A Try

Quantum Techniques is practicing the future of medicine today. I encourage you to try their system out for yourself. Like EFT, it is capable of powerful (even miraculous) healing and will radically change your quality of life.

Not sure how to proceed? Contact me and let’s explore and resolve your symptoms.

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