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Rates and Packages

Take a look at my disclaimer before you buy.  I guarantee results or your money will be returned. I can do this because these sessions are guided with precision by the body’s own intelligence, bringing positive results that only its wisdom could possibly bring.

Body Code and Quantum Techniques Analytics

These sessions include everything I have learned about healing. They are search and destroy sessions where I work as a detective to find and resolve the cause of your symptoms.

My rate is $60/hr.

If you are buying before you have contacted me, please contact me here after purchase.

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Body Balancing & Diagnostics

Specialized Packages

Heart Wall Email Package

I offer a guaranteed complete heart wall removal for $180. You will receive 4 sessions at a minimum. Most of the time it takes from three to seven sessions to clear a heart wall. If it takes 4 or less to clear it, I will use the leftover sessions to work on other health issues.

You are covered with this heart wall package. No matter how many sessions it takes to clear your heart wall, it won’t cost you any more to get rid of it! Session notes will be sent after each session.

Animal Treatment Package:

I charge $60 for diagnostics and treatment of animals (including the clearing of their trapped emotions) no matter how many sessions it takes.

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Body Balancing & Diagnostics

You Can Learn To Do The Emotion Code!

I believe that anyone can easily learn to release trapped emotions with in a fairly short time.  It just takes a little practice and patience.  Once you master muscle testing, you can look forward to a lifetime of helping yourself and your loved ones experience better health with The Emotion Code (or Body Code system).

The least that you will need to learn how is Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book, The Emotion Code.  The most is his Emotion Code Seminar.  Both are found on Dr. Bradley Nelson’s website.  EmotionCodeHealing.com also has a great step by step tutorial on how to use The Emotion Code for yourself.   Great muscle testing techniques are demonstrated herehere, and here.  The internet also contains a wealth of information on muscle testing for anyone who searches.  Start by typing “muscle testing” into YouTube.

But If You Need Help…

Learning a skill like The Body Code/Emotion Code isn’t for everyone or maybe you are learning and haven’t got it down quite yet.  Whatever your reason, if you need someone to work with you or your pet, there are a lot of great practitioners that could help you out.

I also offer affordable treatment options above.

Options For Connecting:

I do sessions by telephone, Skype, or in person at my clinic. I can connect with you remotely, as if you were with me in person, because this is an energetic (subconscious mind/thought) connection between our unique soul signatures. Remember, contrary to appearances, everything is energy and, with energy, distance doesn’t matter. This is one of the most amazing things about this work.

I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to help you decide if Emotion Code/Body Code therapy is for you and how you can best benefit from it.  Included in that is a free session, clearing trapped emotions related to a problem area.

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