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I would not be so excited about sharing bioenergetic systems like The Body Code and Quantum Techniques if it wasn’t for the dramatic healing I have experienced using them. These amazing transformations have happened right before my eyes, so how can I help but believe? The following are some examples.

Brent KingMy Story

The most dramatic healing experience I have seen using The Body Code is what has happened to me. I cannot describe my gratefulness for the miracle it has facilitated. I will briefly explain the two health problems that have been a thorn in my flesh and how The Body Code has helped me.

  • My Heart

I have two congenital heart problems that have always given me grief, a lot of grief. In recent years I would have spells where I would feel stabbing pains and intense pressure on my heart. My heart would race and often, early in the morning, I would feel very mortal—like I might die. Needless to say, it was no fun.

When I found out about this system, the first thing I learned to do was use The Emotion Code, which is a part of The Body Code. I started on a “rampage”, releasing my emotions as fast as my body would let me. I released over 400 trapped emotions. Now it is rare that I can ever find a trapped emotion. I have seen many benefits in my body, but the most striking is what has happened with my heart. There is no more racing (unless I get into some MSG), no more night frights, and the pressure and stabbing pains have been reduced to zero. This has dramatically changed my quality of life.

  • My Brain

In the last decade, the function of my brain has taken a turn for the worse. I would have spells where my balance would falter for a bit, I had a kind of brain fog (unrealness) that is hard to describe, my brain would feel like it was banging around inside when I jumped on a trampoline, and I would have a headache the next day if I stayed up past 10:30. I mean I could live with these things, but it was a cause for concern.

Using The Body Code, I discovered that heavy metals were the cause of my brain trauma. It took a lot of persistence (since heavy metals cannot be released very quickly without a nasty cleansing reaction), but I managed to get rid of them in a few months. With my heavy metals gone, not only did ALL of the symptoms I described above go away, but the sore/swollen joints in my hands improved dramatically!

  • My Spinal Tightness and Adrenal Exhaustion

Using Quantum Techniques, I found things I was eating and putting on my skin that were reversing my energy. By changing these things and engaging the QT system I regained much of the original flexibility in my back and strikingly increased the function of my adrenals.

Karen’s Healing Experience

I have seen Karen once a week for many years.  Her pain levels, due to health issues, have been high and her pelvis was always out of alignment.  I would help her some with massage and correct her pelvis with muscle energy techniques, but she was always out and in pain the next week.  It was a neverending saga that both of us were ready to see finished.

Utilizing The Emotion Code, we spent several weeks releasing the trapped emotions that her body said was causing much of the problem.  Today Karen’s pain levels are much lower (1-3 instead of 7-10) and her pelvis is never out.  Both of us are amazed and thankful.

Fey’s Healing

Fey is a teenager and friend of my youngest boy. As my boy was telling her about the The Body Code that I practiced, she told him that she had been bothered for some time with painful lumps in the area of her left ribs. Naturally, she was concerned about them and called me at my son’s prompting.

Using The Body Code, her body told us that the cause of the symptoms was a fungus in the rib muscle. I told her to consult her physician if she was critically worried about it. She decided to give natural healing a try first, so she started taking Neem to help her body to heal itself from the fungal infection. After taking it for two weeks, the symptoms disappeared and have never come back!

Steve’s Miracle

I first heard of Steve when his sister called me and said he had been admitted to the hospital. His pain levels were extremely high and he had no strength. He couldn’t get out of bed, much less stand or walk. He couldn’t grip anything with his hands; they were tight and kind of curled like he was trying to grip a bat. His nerves were not firing below the knees or in his lower arms. Guillain–Barré syndrome was what the doctors thought Steve had, though it could not be confirmed without more quite invasive tests.

I scanned Steve’s body in the early afternoon, finding many post traumatic injuries and spirit/body disconnections. I also found offensive energies and critical deficiencies and toxicities. I corrected all of the energetic problems that I found.

A few hours later I got an email from Steve’s sister saying he felt a bit better overall. Strangely, he felt better inside, like some relief he couldn’t explain. He still couldn’t stand or walk or grip, but could swing his legs off the bed. Later that night his hands relaxed and he was able to grip a little more. Because of the improvement, Steve decided to hold off on doing any invasive tests until the next day.

The next morning the miracle happened. Steve was released from the hospital and had no trouble walking, opening milk cartons, dressing, etc. He was dramatically better than when he had been admitted. When he asked for his records, they said, “What Guillain–Barré?” They told him that he had just there for observation—a totally different story than the day before.

I have seen my father-in-law and a good friend suffer for months and years with Guillain–Barré disease. Although we will never know if that is what Steve had, the sudden relief from his intense symptoms was enough to convince Steve, his pastor, and his nurses that he had been miraculously healed. They were all amazed and Steve believes this all happened as a test, witness, testimony, etc, to the power of The Body Code.

As a channel of his healing, I know in my heart that Steve was saved a long and hard ordeal by the relief that came to him through The Body Code.

Brandon’s Healing

Brandon was sick with a fever and it was moving into his chest. Such things weren’t new to him and predictably ended up with strep throat and antibiotics.

Using Quantum Techniques we were able to deal with pathogens, increase organ and tissue function, and raise immunity. The result? He avoided strep and antibiotics! The QT codes rock!

Denay’s Experience

Denay has been a massage client of mine for a quite a while. Recently she came in with a little finger that she said had been swollen stiff for a couple weeks.

We asked her body what was going on with The Body Code. It said it was caused by heavy metals and parasites in the joint. Trapped emotions were also a large factor. After releasing nearly a dozen emotions related to the problem in her little finger, she held her finger up and bent it, saying that it didn’t even hurt unless she really pressed it hard. Ultimate healing involved removing the cause, ie, heavy metals and parasites, but I was amazed at the immediate effect of simply jettisoning some negative emotions.

Lucien’s Cigarettes

Lucien had been trying to quit smoking for a long time, without any success. It was a real struggle for him. Yet, after three Emotion Code sessions and the release of a negative energy that causes addiction, Lucien told me that he didn’t even have a desire to smoke, that it was like he had never smoked. That was six months ago and Lucien hasn’t smoked since.

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Both The Body Code and Quantum Techniques have helped clients with:

Abdominal Pain, Acid Reflux, ADD/ADHD, Allergies, Asthma, Back Pain, Bell’s Palsy, Cancer, Carpal Tunnel, Chest Pain, Colitis, Chronic Fatigue, Chron’s Disease, Constipation, Depression,Diabetes, Disabilities, Dyslexia, Eye Pain, Fibromyalgia, Frigidity, Headaches, Heartburn (GERD), Hip Pain, Hypoglycemia, Hypothyroidism, Impotency, Infertility Phobias, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel (IBS), Joint Pain, Knee Pain, Learning, Low Back Pain, Lupus, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Neck pain, Night Terrors, Panic Attacks, Parkinson’s disease, Shoulder pain, Sinus problems, Tennis Elbow, Vertigo, and Weight Loss.